Sunset to Sunrise Automation

In the new SmartThings, I’m trying to set up an Automation that I only want to occur between sunset and sunrise (if I unlock my back door, turn on the patio lights). I found the Time section, and set it to a period of time. However, when I click on “Night” to initiate it to start at sunset, and then go to end time and try to select “Day” (sunrise) it changes my start time of sunset to sunrise. So both start and end have to be based on either Day or Night, not both. So how do people do Sunset to Sunrise automations? I know this is a super common thing to have, so I feel like maybe I’m not approaching it in the right way?

Am I missing something here? Hopefully its something super obvious. Will be really disappointed if this can’t be done, as it seems pretty straight forward. I’ve searched through the archives but didn’t see an answer. TIA for your help!

If you select Night, automation select from Sunset to Sunrise by itself