Custom App Development for new V3 app?

Hi All-

I just migrated to a v3 hub and the new app. On my old hub I wrote a few custom apps using the old IDE ( Now that I’m using the new hub and app is there a different way to write and publish custom apps that I should be using? I’ve been scouring though the sites, but I can’t find a clear answer on that. Any help would be much appreciated!



I think we’re still stuck on the same one. Another was being worked on but I don’t think many people are allowed to access it. Alpha Opportunity: Browser-Based Web Portal

I guess you meant SmartApps. You can use the old groovy ones from the IDE with the new app as well. You might will see some teething problems meanwhile, or crashes of the new SmartThings app.

Otherwise look here for the new way of SmartApps.