How to create automations that are not in the smartthings App?

Where can I write the automation to control the channel when the button is clicked on the TV registered in my SmartThings?
Should I write to smartthings IDE or st-device-sdk-c? I don’t know where to write it.
I’d appreciate it if you could tell me where to write the complex automation for controlling the device.

I think Rules API might be the consensus answer.

I don’t know enough about how it can control your TV, though.


At first, I gave up while looking at the Rules API, but I kept trying after listening to you and succeeded. Thank you!


That’s great!

You have had more luck than I have. I haven’t given up, but have put it aside for a bit.

Hi! You can also try creating a SmartApp using the Node JS SDK. There, you can create Subscriptions to device’s events, schedules and more.
Here’s a simple tutorial to get started:

If you have any doubts, I can help you out :smiley: