Need a new SmartApp

Can someone point me the right directions to building a Smartthings app that sends simple commands like: ```
curl -XPOST -d 01
the only thing that will change here are the “16” and the “pr”

This is for a Whole House audio app from Monoprice.


Hi there! you can easily build a SmartApp using the ST NodeJS SDK, to start learning about it, here’s a step-by-step tutorial:

How would you trigger those commands?

It would just be the curl command to the web link. I can run them from a command prompt.

There is a api that is built then build a web app that points to it.

The example:
curl -XPOST -d 01
The “16” is the Zone the “pr” is the Power On Command

You could probably use webCoRE to have this http post command issued based on whatever trigger/condition you’d like.

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