Native Blink(cameras) integration with SmartThings
Blink for Home now has a community forum. I was hoping anyone who has interest in Native integration(provided with cooperation between Blink and SmartThings) with Blink could join the Blink community to express those interest.

@RightHand There is already an integration for the Blink cameras that @RBoy did, and it works great.


NATIVE/OFFICIAL(true) -(yeah I’m throwing shade) integration is what I was expressing. I’m aware, but thanks.

I am waiting. In fact, I only bought two cameras to test. Like me there could be many who would buy more if there is native integration with ST for these blink cameras. Based on all those several thousands posts discussions on this, I thought the native integration is already on the plan. But checking blink’s response on this that its not even on roadmap is very sad. I am regretting now that I bought blink instead of arlo when I saw latter just few bucks more thank blink in one of the recent deal.
I think, if I ever get arlo on good deal again, I will never look back at blink again. Would probably wait till thanksgiving sell and hope blink would have native integration by then.


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If you’d like, you could join and post in the Blink community. They seem pretty receptive, just need more people to show interest, I hope.

Do you really think they are unaware that many people would want the native integration with ST? I think it is wastage to open sn account and post there.

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Lol, I thought about that after I replied to you. You have a good point. So far many have requested the ability to enable/disable(outdoor/indoor) cameras based on modes, and a Blink staff member started a thread asking for suggestions. So you never know. I took a screenshot of your response to post in the Blink community!

Yes. No problem.

Any updates onnatuve integration you are aware of?

No updates in the Blink community. From the lack of response, I would not expect native integration in the near future.

@RBoy app works super awesome no need for native integration… Plus I am sure SmartThings would cripple the app to make it too simple…