Current Device Deals & Best Prices (link to new thread at bottom of thread)

Hopefully you did. I had bought one a while back but don’t have a use for it yet. Right now it’s plugged in and serving as a zigbee extender :smile:

I’ve seen mixed results on these here on the forums. Have the issues been cleaned up?

Mine are generally rock solid. Much, much better than the TCP lights.

I use the Centralite appliance modules on my washing machine, fish tank lamp, 3D printer, floor fan, etc. I haven’t noticed it having any effect on the devices plugged in. As long as it’s the -RZHAC (and not the lamp module -ZHAC) it has a relay and I’d imagine the current sensing is very unobtrusive.

I’d wager there’s something wrong with your module.

Thanks for the confidence. At first I thought my projector bulb was just getting old. It’s not super obvious, but I’ll know when I try another of the plugs.

The projector only turns on with IR, so monitoring the power usage is a good way to relay its status to SmartThings to trigger the screen down and back up. Hoping!

Home Depot is running a small surveillance deal just today. A couple Foscams are anywhere from $10-$25 off Amazon prices. There’s a bullet as well as a couple pan-tilt indoor options. I’ve used one of each (similar models to these on sale) and they work decent. Set-up to be able to view them via any browser anywhere has always been a major pain, in my opinion, usually resulting in calling Foscam directly and letting them do the set-up for me. Nevertheless, pretty cheap camera options with acceptable image quality.

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Ecobee 3 plus sensor 179 @ Bestbuy


This is not so much a deal as it is an in stock alert…

Amazon currently has the GE 12730 Z-Wave Smart Fan Control in stock. HA World is also selling it with Prime shipping on Amazon.

I ordered two about a month ago when they were out of stock, and they just showed up this week. I’ll be setting them up this weekend and will likely use @johnconstantelo’s device type.

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Check the other seller options, I ordered mine from ‘The Smartest Home’ through Amazon for around $50, still free shipping, arrived yesterday and they had quoted it to take at least another few days.

The best price for the GE Z-wave switches is still at Lowes. I bought the 3-way kit there for about $45, and although it said “for iris” it worked. It was a challenge to install, but I eventually got it to work.


Several sellers on eBay are selling the GE Security IS-ZW-TSTAT-100 which is a very basic Radio Thermostat Z-Wave thermostat. I bought one for $20 shipped with the Z-wave module. It connects to ST as “Z-Wave Thermostat” been hooked up for a day, working well. Only catch is that it doesn’t seem to update it’s status very often to the hub. But does react to any changes made from ST.

Make sure to install it with a “C” wire, or it will eat batteries.

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There is a lot of painfully inaccurate stuff being written about Amazon’s new launchpad department so let me quickly get that out-of-the-way.

Launchpad is not Amazon’s version of Etsy, or Amazon’s version of Indiegogo.

The start ups involved are not selling their own products direct to consumers. Instead they sell their products to Amazon at a wholesale price, and Amazon sells them at an Amazon-determined retail price in a featured department called launchpad.

So the customer is buying the product from Amazon. Which means Amazon policies on shipping, charges, and returns. Nice!

Amazon will accept preorders on some products. But unlike Indiegogo or kickstarter, you’re not a "backer"of the product, you’re an actual buyer with the usual consumer protections. Again, nice!

Amazon selects which startups will get to participate based on some arrangements they have with specific venture-capital firms, and through individual review. One thing this does mean is that none of these products will be vaporware. They may not all deliver everything they promise, but you won’t be charged until they ship And you’ll be covered by the usual return policies.

And some products are being offered at prices lower than their current in the Gogo price which is why this fits in this topic

One excellent example is the Kuna camera lantern which is been discussed elsewhere on the forms. Current Amazon price for a pre-order with August 15 delivery Is $199, current Indiegogo price is about $30 higher, and the Amazon return policies are better.

Anyway launchpad looks like an interesting and often dealworthy way to buy some new HA products.

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Saw this on SlickDeals and figured I would share.

I am not sure if these work with SmartThings as I do not have them but they are Z-Wave so maybe someone here already owns one and can verify.

Z-Wave Smoke Detector $15.75 After Promo Code AUG10 at Monoprice

Here is the SlickDeals post:

and here is the direct link:

I am holding out to get a few combo smoke/CO detectors when I have enough saved :smile:

Hope this helps someone!

Edit: Oops, just went to search this and found that @cuboy29 beat me to the post by 20min :smile:

Tempting deal… Thanks for sharing!

I’m thinking smoke detectors are the last item I would get at bargain basement prices, unfortunately.

First Alert Z-Wave model may be just over double the price (with CO detection), but it is a brand with a reputation to uphold.

I got one so far, from Amazon.

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You make a good point. I have my eye on this one when funding becomes available:

First Alert Battery-Operated Carbon Monoxide Detector and Smoke Detector (Works with Iris)

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Monoprice Z-Wave Smoke Detector is currently available on for $21.26 with free shipping, which is slightly less that buying directly from Monoprice (incl. shipping):

15.75 + 5.70 = 21.45


Got some of the monoprice smoke sensor in. Tested it by burning a single incense near it and it detected the little bit of smoke immediately. Not bad for the price. Documentation sux… would be nice to know what command class this thing is really using.

Is there anyway to ask the device for the support command class?


The Monoprice looks the same as the Everspring SF813:

Little Bits back to school sale, 15% off site wide.

I admit it, I’m a sucker for littlebits. Lego-like electronics modules, no soldering required, and an IFTTT channel, what’s not to like?

Yes, there will almost always be a cheaper way to do the same thing but these are fun, and if you have kids, a really great introduction to electronics and mechanical design. Also their project reports are great.

My favorite moment is when the kid sees a module that does something and goes “what can we use that for?” An engineer is born! :sunglasses:


Amazon has the Logitech Harmony Ultimate as it’s Gold Box deal today for 199

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