Monoprice Z-wave Smoke Detector for $15.75

currently onsale for $17.50 but use coupon code AUG10 to bring the price down to $15.75. I just ordered 5 :smile:


3 of the 5 reviews on monoprice say it doesn’t work with smartthings. Anyone know differently? Was about to pick two up until i read that.

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Yeah, that bit seems kind of important.

If it’s z-wave, it certainly should be possible to write a custom device for it.

oh crap… forgot to check ST compatibility :frowning:

device type anyone?

I bought one yesterday. I saw that there wasn’t a device type for them, but I’ve wanted to learn how that works so I figured this would give me a reason to learn.

If anyone else gets this deal and is planning on working on a device type, let me know if you would like to work together on the code.

Anyone created a device type for this yet? I am trying but not having luck. I found the programming manual for it here but i’m clueless with the zwave command class stuffs.

No matter what i am doing to this device, all i see it sending is

debug Parsed AlarmReport(alarmLevel: 255, alarmType: 1) to [‘name’:‘smoke’, ‘value’:‘smoke’, ‘descriptionText’:DownStair Smoke Detector smoke is detected, ‘isStateChange’:false, ‘displayed’:false, ‘linkText’:‘DownStair Smoke Detector’]
debug Parsed AlarmReport(alarmLevel: 255, alarmType: 1) to [‘name’:‘smoke’, ‘value’:‘smoke’, ‘descriptionText’:DownStair Smoke Detector smoke is detected, ‘isStateChange’:true, ‘displayed’:true, ‘linkText’:‘DownStair Smoke Detector’]

According to the little pamplet that comes with it, a tamper alarm is suppose to send (alarm type 02 and alarm level 255) BUT all it send is (alarmLevel: 255, alarmType: 1)

Any help would be awesome…


Did you get your smoke detector from monoprice yet? Any luck getting the device type to work yet? I started one and got some basic functions to work. It will detect smoke and send an alert to ST. I tested it by burning incense under the sensor. I can’t seem to get the tamper alarm to send the alert. The device send the same thing as a fire detected. I contacted Monoprice to see if they have better documentation on which zwave command class this thing support but no luck. There seems to be a few manufacturers out there with the exact same thing but their documentation are all different.
So far, I see Everspring, Zipato, vision… some are zwave plus. I am guessing this is not a zwave plus device.

The Monoprice looks the same as the Everspring SF813:

I got mine on Friday but haven’t had time to play with it until today. Do you have a github for your current code?

Just loaded it to github.

Neat, thanks. I’ve forked your repo and will do a pull request with any updates. I’ll be playing with it a little today but probably will get more work done on it during the week.

So I ended up getting sucked into writing a device type for this today. It was a lot of fun! I now understand device types much better now.

Anyways, my completed device type can be found here:

These are onsale again at monoprice for $15 plus free shipping.