The Smartest House has Aeotec MiniMotes

I have seen a few people looking for these recently. They are “open box” but reasonably priced.


I’m seeing $11.95?

It must have just went up (maybe based on traffic?). It was $9.95 when I posted. You can see the $9.95 in the bottom of the page capture.

I’m going to pull the price from the description so that it’s not misleading to anyone though.

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I have two already but use them regularly. I bought two of these as backups/replacements. Thanks for the heads up.

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Even at $12, they are great for the price.


Does this device work with a version 2 hub in the new app? I have a lot of devices i’m trying to move to a new hub, but the hub is too far away for exclusion mode. so I was thinking of getting a Minimote. but the manual states “secondary hubs are not able to remove wave products.” Does that mean, I can’t use a Minimote exclude mode? does the Minimote need to be in Smartthings for exclusion mode?

Any Z-wave hub can be used for general exclusion to reset a device. I use my Honeywell or Securifi hubs to exclude nonresponsive ZW devices all too often so I can just use the replace function in ST to reconnect them.
I’ve never had good luck using a minimote to include devices to ST though. That always required a long Cat6 cable & extension cord.