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Super Deal on the IS-ZW-TSTAT-100 Thermostat! Thanks for posting this @Aboxman. Will be perfect for my garage thermostat. I ordered the last one that the eBay seller had at $18.71 (free shipping) thats give away pricing! Not the most elegant looking thermo, but in a garage setting its just fine.

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I bought monoprice ones and installed yesterday. They are working GREAT! I kept the OOTB designation of a generic zwave open/close sensor. I would be really curious if others changed it in IDE and if there are further benefits I am missing out of

is it reporting battery status? The custom device type I found does.

Yes they do…

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Yes, I have them all at 100% at the moment. Would you recommend just keeping it as a generic zwave window/door sensor then?

I thought i read somewhere in a forum is you can actually use it as a water sensor too, do you know if this is true?

Let me know if i am missing any other benefits for keeping it as a generic sensor. Thanks again for your help!

Mine are setup as generic and I am not sure what additional benefits a different device type will provide since both options of battery and contact are actually being displayed…

Yes these can be modded to work as moisture sensors:
[more info here][1]
[1]: Made a Water Leak Sensor

But frankly I would wait for the PEQ ones to go back on sale at 20$ or buy them from Amazon for 25$ and be done with it! If you have a unique mounting situation and can make use of the flexible contacts on the monoprice ones then go that route…

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Monoprice motion detector is down to $22.67 this morning: Link

Bought the GoControl kit yesterday, which I think is still a better deal if you need contact sensors.

@rag1998 Does the GoControl kit integrate with ST?

According to @ule it does work, should have mine in couple days: Ule’s Post

My local HD has couple of them left for 49 bucks.

I am way too lazy to stop by HD j/k. But I had some Amazon GC’s to burn!

Patiently waiting for Monoprice contact sensors to go back on sale, since I don’t need anymore motion sensors.

Also the PEQ water sensors at 20$ will be nice!

Yes , o/c pair as generic ZW DW sensor , and pir pairs as Aeon Multisensor

Thanks for the info… I get a shock when I hear Aeon Multisensor. :wink:

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Do the iris devices all work? Dw sensors 15/ea right now

NO IRIS DEVICES WILL NOT WORK. The only Iris that will work are the " works with Iris" , like the First Alert Smoke detectors , Utilitech sirens, Schlage locks .

Stick with the HomeDepot GoControl kits 2 d/w and a PIR for $49 or 3 D/W, PIR and Siren for $99.

Thanks, I did order some GoControl kits yesterday

Do the GoControl window/door sensors do tilt sensing so I can just stick one on the garage door to see if it is opened/closed without the corresponding magnet?

No tilt sensor, but you could still use it to detect if it was open or closed. You would most definitely need a bigger magnet though.

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FYI… since this is public information… You’ll be able to use Iris devices in the future. They are using the same products that ST uses

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Does the GoControl Motion Sensor work for outdoor use?