PEQ at Best Buy

As anyone use this motion sensors from Best Buy. I believe this is made by Centralite.

“Help keep your home secure with this PEQ 3-Series 3305-P motion sensor, which is designed for use with most ZigBee HA 1.2-compatible platforms and triggers lighting scenes, HVAC settings and security alarms.”


Looks like they have a bunch of PEQ stuff. Like this thermostat:

I’m pretty confident it’s made by Centralite (I think they call it Pearl).

I wonder if it has sensitivity control…

Contact Sensor:

Agreed. Seems to be Centralite.

So who is starting the integration?

The PEQ motion sensor? It doesn’t to my knowledge.

I’m pretty sure they’ll work out of the box.

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Hmm, might have to run and buy 2 door sensors and charge it on the Best buy card :wink:

I have 1 dog, and another possibly this weekend, motion sensors don’t do what’s needed with 50lb dogs running around activating things. Though I may put mine in the attic to auto-turn on a light and notify me of motion.

Does anyone know how this compares to the Gen 1 ST motion sensor? I have those and a Monoprice one. I do not like the Monoprice one because it seems to have a slow reset and it is also slow to signal. My Gen 1 ST sensors are much quicker. I’m looking to get a few more motion sensors, but I’m not sure which to go with. This is a great price. It also looks a lot like the Gen 2 ST sensor. Not sure if it is similar or not.

Great price indeed! If only it was sold here in Canada. Something to put on my shopping list for my next visit…

It seems to me the best deal though is: 2 for under $60. If you have Amazon Prime, Ship for free, and no taxes… Good rating too. Im thinking of grabbing 3 of these to cover the rest of my doors…

I have several of those Ecolinks, and the Schlage ones too (which are exactly the same except $10 more expensive). They work perfectly.

I like the internal terminal contacts under the cover as well. Instead of buying a sensor for each window, I use the internal terminal and string together magnetic contacts for places where I have 2 or 3 windows side by side.

Here’s a YouTube video: (start at the 1:30 minute point of the video)

Subscribing to this. No reason why it shouldn’t work unless PEQ has done to Zigbee what IRIS did to Z wave.

They pair and work correctly. They’ll show up as our SmartSense devices.


Good news thanks! 20 characters.

What about the thermostat. I am not a handy person and need three thermostats urgently supported by ST but with no common wires. Somebody throw me some bones.

It should be supported out of the box unless the fingerprint is different than the base device, which is a Centralite Pearl Thermostat. Even so, if it doesn’t pair correctly at first that’s something we can fix very quickly. It goes into pairing mode as soon as it’s powered by batteries. Otherwise, the pairing instructions can be confusing so if you need any help just email us at Otherwise:

  1. Switch the mode to off.
  2. Place one finger between the Hold and Fan button. This is where the
    hidden menu button is located. Using another finger swipe downwards
    on the temperature slider. The numbers on the screen should change.
  3. Follow these steps to either leave or join a ZigBee network:
    Leave network - Swipe to 13 and press hold. Swipe to 11 and press hold.
    Join network - Swipe to 11 and press hold. Swipe to 1 and press hold.
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@Tyler Thanks a lot for the instructions but first I have to find out whether my heating (hydronic baseboard) is compatible with the PEQ thermostat. I really hope it is.