Evolve LSM 15a Zwave switches?

Just moved into a new home and stumbled upon a few Evolve LSM 15a zwave switches. Anyone use/ used these in the past? I can’t figure out how or even if I can connect these to my SmartThings hub.

A quick search on the forum shows people have used them in the past, though it looks like depending on the age they could be from back when instant updates were locked behind a patent. Try using general exclusion to reset them and then try to include them. They’ll likely be supported by the generic z-wave switch DTH.

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I think these were the first switches I got when I got the original SmartThings back in the day.

I think that all of these have failed one by one over time. So I do not think I have any left operating in my house.

One cool feature of these devices was their auxiliary switch for three way.

Their auxiliary switch was wireless, no traveler and the dimming worked flawlessly.

Even today, none of the zwave plus devices I have tried has the dimming function as smooth as the aux on these linear.

They aux switch used zwave association to control the physical switch.

Again have not found a device that can dim other devices wirelessly as smooth as the linear.

The linear aux just worked.

Yes, these did not have instant updates, these were before the patents expired.

However, even today with zwave plus and the expired patent, I find that with some devices instant update is hot or miss.

Additionally, instant update used to work really well in the iPhone app but no longer!

The new app seems to have trouble updating the screen, so unclear about instant update behavior

From a google search it looks like exclude is 2 tabs on the bottom paddle and an include is 1 tap up paddle.