CT100 can't set temperature


(Jason Hudgins) #1

I’d like my CT100 to set my Heat to 20F (effectively turning it off here in TX most of the year) whenever enabling AWAY mode. Should be a straight forward thing, my setup looks correct, and in Smart Things I get the correct notification “As you requested… I set the thermostat to 20 for heat”.

The problem is that’s just not working, the heat setting remains at 68F (which is where I keep it when I’m in HOME mode).

Any thoughts?

(might be my fake name?) #2

Could be related to this. Although I thought it was just a Honeywell problem.

(Clara) #3

Some thermostats have a limit on how low/high you set them. I couldn’t find anything in the manual I have for what that might be for the CT100, but it might not change if the value is not possible for the thermostat to reach. Couldn’t you just change the thermostat mode to off when enabling AWAY mode using Core?

(Jason Hudgins) #4

Thanks for the idea, I’m going to play around with the temp setting (trying 50f) and will see if that makes a difference.


The Ecobee is like that. It has an acceptable range of settings and 20 would be outside that normal setting.

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The lowest settings on the CT-XX series is about 40F I believe and upper is 95F.