Alexa won't control my CT100 anymore

As of yesterday when I attempt to change the temperature on one of my CT100 thermostats using Alexa she responds with that command is not supported by the device. I can see in my logs the command. And then about a min later the thermostat changes temperature. My other ct100 works fine thru Alexa.
I have removed the thermostat from my hub and reinstalled and still the same thing.
Any help would be appreciated.

Same exact thing happening for my Nest thermostat as well.

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I’m having a similar issue with CoRE. The fan settings change with some of my Pistons, but the temperature setpoints aren’t changing.

I’m having the same issue on my CT100. When I say “Alexa, Increase thermostat to 72 degrees” she would respond " That command does not work on device CT100 thermostat" BUT when I look at the thermostat it does change it to 72 degrees. I tried forgetting and re-adding device on Alexa App… no luck! I tried disassociating ct100 to the smartthings hub and re-associating… Still no go. Any suggestion how I can fix this issue? Thanks

Same here. I tried a new device handeler, removed and rejoined to smartthings but still says something like “that command is not supported on CT100 device”. Temperature does actually change to what I request but Alexa states otherwise. Alexa will confirm if temperature is already set at requested temperature…no solutions yet.

Same issue for me as well and it also just started. Alexa says command is not supported but it does do the commanded action.

Maybe the schedule smarthub update this Wed will fix something? wishful thinking.

Started working correctly last night. I did not make any changes but Alexa now responds correctly. Hmmmm.

just checked and mine is also working again!

What device type handler are you using?