Cree Light Bulbs

So I am switching from Wink to SmartThings and I removed all the devices from Wink.

I have a brunch of Cree Light Bulbs and I have moved most to SmartThings, but it seems I have 4 that are stubbon. They are removed from Wink, though when I try to add them to SmartThings the app does not find them.

Anyone have any Ideas?

Replace them. I had a whole bunch of Cree bulbs that I could not get to link to Smartthings.

Try a reset of the Cree bulb, then try to pair. You may want to move the bulb close to the hub.

To Reset a Cree Connected bulb to factory settings:

  1. Turn ON the bulb .
  2. Wait 2 seconds.
  3. Turn OFF the bulb .
  4. Wait 2 seconds.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 until the light blinks once to indicate it has been reset . This should happen after the third full ON-OFF cycle. In other words, it should blink the fourth time you turn ON the bulb .

Force quit the ST app and reopen it. Try again. I’ve had some issues with Zigbee devices and this seems to help. Can’t hurt.