Cree Connected Bulb stopped working all the sudden

I have around 15 Cree bulbs and all of them stopped working, all the sudden just few hours ,I tried to reset them no luck . Any thing going on ?

Nothing listed on the status page right now.

Do you have other devices that are working? You may want to open a ticket.

I have 10 of these that we’re all working when I left home but I haven’t been home for 6 hours.

I do have my Hue , GE Link, Osaram light bulbs working , just the CREE. Looked like it worked 4 hours ago, would be curios to know if you are same boat as me when you get back.

Let me know open a ticket then and see what happens.

According to the app my inside bulbs that should have come on 30 min prior to sunset are on. I can’t confirm by sight until later this evening but the appear to be working.

one of my automated ones suppose to come on 530 PM CST . hoping it turns on , lets see

Do you have all 15 of them connected to the ST hub directly? If so I’m going to say thats your issue. When I had >10 cree connected bulbs paired directly to ST hub it was spotty at best. I would recommend removing them from ST and pair them to the hue bridge, at least half of them.

It seems to be a zigbee stack bug that is shared with the cree’s and osram a19’s or something. They get real flakey when you have >10 in my experience. Once I reset the bulbs and paired them to Hue my issues almost all disappeared.

Thanks Kevin , i do have 15 connected to ST , let me give your approach a try and hopefully it works for me as well.

Thanks Kevin , that seem to do the trick. I have moved most of cree bulbs to Hue , hopefully this fixes the issue for good.

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Yet another example of this crappy zigbee stack on the cree and osram basic bulbs. Sad that the cheapest entry point for smart bulbs are the ones with the worst bugs. But at the same time we are the odd balls here as the ‘standard smart things user’ has less than 15 things. Mean while I have like 30 bulbs alone. Considering people live in houses without wiring to support smart switches a lot of the time, bulbs are the way many have to go. Especially if you compare them to a smart outlet, its a no brainer.

Has anyone ever identified the problem with Cree bulbs in a quantity larger than 10? Is it the same failure that afflicts the Osram bulbs? The 10 I have are scattered all across my home including outside and are rock solid. While I don’t have plans to add more at this time, it would be nice to know I could without fear of the whole thing coming crashing down.

Its been unofficially confirmed by the devs. I dont remember who but when I went through the trouble with all the bulbs they did say it was related. My fix was as recommended, pair with Hue. They pair fine for now, dimming and all. After Phillips tried that mess with not allowing 3rd party bulbs a year ago, I dont think they will do it again after the backlash they got. When paired with Hue, they work just like a hue bulb and honestly I’ve been pretty much rock solid on this setup for 6+ months now. Other than the hue delay between triggering bulbs which we call popcorning.

I dont know what the break point is, is it 10, or is it 12, or what… But I say keep it below 10 and you are fine. I’m on a v1 hub so as far as I can tell there’s not going to be any zigbee ota updates for me. I refuse to go to v2. But you can pick up a hue bridge cheap, like 30 bucks usually. I’ve kept my osram rgb/w stuff off hue as thats a little more picky, and no one has seen this issue with them as of yet. Only the cheap white bulbs seem to be affected in our talking here.

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I’ll keep that in mind if I convert any of my other lamps over to bulbs. At present I have 4 lamps on pocket sockets. I probably won’t change that unless I need the pocket socket for another purpose and then have to change how I deal with the lamp I’m robbing the pocket socket from.

I agree with Kevin , threshold is around 10 + . I have 18-20 bulbs all running on Hue now. I also opened a ticket and developer would be reaching out to me tomorrow , kinda curios what’s the diagnosis would be. Thanks for all your help , I was going crazy …

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Well I know the usual response to this issue from support is ‘remove the offending bulb and add it back’. Even when I explained that it wasn’t the same bulb all the time, or that I had like 20, they didnt even flinch on the delete suggestion. My ticket is still out there without resolve…I havent checked it in a while so I assume at this point it has been auto closed. But it was back in april. here is the thread of the adventure.

Wow enjoyed reading the thread of adventure … I was in the same boat like you , ready to dump Cree but didnt want to throw 300$ down the drain…I also ordered few smart outlets which is on sale now , hopefully helps as well.

Anyone else figure out a fix to this? I only have 4 bulbs and after the outage yesterday every single one of them stopped responding.

I have 13 and they are all working as expected.

I found this thread after running into severe reliability problems. My system had been working fine for about a year. I had exactly 12 bulbs and never had any problems but then take the 4 spares and install them in my hallway which brought the number of cree connected bulbs I had up to 16.

Suddenly, when I would set the system for night mode some lights would remain on. I guess I will remove some of them or get a hue hub since that seems to help.