Cree Led Bulbs All Offline

So, this past week i went on vacation and everything was working fine, but when i return i fine that all 4 of the Cree LED bulbs are all offline. Seeing this i tried to turn them off and on thinking this would help, i rebooted the hub , and even went as far as to rebuild the Z-Wave network through IDE. now i know i could reset the bulbs and set them up as new devices but i have many smart apps and routines running on the bulbs so i’m trying to avoid this. What should i do? if i have to set them up as new device is there a way to move my smart apps and routines, or even change the z wave address in IDE? I do find it off that All of one light build are all offline after going away . Im not sure what to do i’m open to any suggestions.

-Link to my Bulb:
-I have a smart things hub V2

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I would guess that since all four bulbs went offline, then it can’t be the bulbs. Are you able to look in your logs to scan for any events that might have happened?

You don’t mention in your note if you can control the bulb or not thru the app. It may seem obvious but i have seen devices both z-wave and zigbee that show offline but when I turn them on via the app they magically work.

Also z-wave repair won’t help in this case as these bulbs are zigbee.

Sry for not saying that in the post, but i did try it with the app and it says offline, even when i close that window and try to turn it on and off it still just says “turning off” or “turning on” but the bulb does not respond.

I seem to remember reading that when you reset a zigbee device it will basically replace it’self using the same network id. I’m trying to find the post that says that.

Yup do it all the time. I have 3 Ge-Links that drop off all the time. Just reset the bulb and search for a new thing, Nothing will be found in the app but you will see the light flash to let you know it’s been linked back up.

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Is there any way to get an alert or email when devices such as these lose their minds?

Thanks Bernie, I got busy and never got the chance to look for that post. I haven’t had to do that myself so I wasn’t sure just how it worked.

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Thank you so much Bernie, this solved the problem, I really appreciate the help!

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