Cree connected bulbs and Alexa

So I have 10 Cree connected bulbs in my master bath in two Alexa groups and I cant for the life of me get them to work properly. If I ask her to turn them on, she’ll get 8 of the 10 on and it’s always a random number that will turn on or off. Sometimes she’ll get one group right, but the other will miss something. I also have all 10 bulbs in another group together. Sometimes if I ask multiple times they will eventually come on or off but it never works right the first time. I can watch the ST app and see the lamps she turns on or off not get triggered at all. Is there a limit to how many devices you can have per group or are the Cree bulbs just not very good? I have 4 hue bulbs upstairs that seem to work 100% of the time together no issue as well so I’m at a loss where to go.


When using Alexa I find the problem that comes up most often is that of 'naming’
E.g. If I have a group called ‘lounge lights’ that contains a number of bulbs they cannot have the name lounge or light i.e. Lounge1 or light2
Alexa seems to screw this up quite often…
I renamed all my bulbs in ST as L01,L02… etc
Now I don’t have any problems with multiple lights in groups

This may not be your issue but this may help

Didn’t work for me unfortunately. I have a micro switch behind the one light fixture that feeds the other two for now. Not sure why they daisy chained all the lights in my bathroom instead of having individual switches, so annoying.

Fixed it by switching the light control to my philips hue controller. It handles them flawlessly and turns them all on/off at the same time. I’m going to switch all of my lights over to it for control. Smartthings needs to up its game on this.