Creative solution to disable alarm when babysitter there

I use my SmartThings mainly as an alarm, but the challenge I have is that if my wife and I go out or away for the night (happens very rarely I must add!!!) I end up removing the alarm or something similar as we both use our phones as presence sensors, so as soon as we leave the area it arms the alarm.

Has anyone got a good creative solution? I do have a extra presence sensor I am not using, but then I still have to make changes if we go away as it sits unused otherwise and then the alarm would never arm.

I have a mode called “Guest Mode” with a routine set to switch to this mode. When I leave a guest alone in the home, I fire this routine.

Can then set smartapps up to work (or not work) based upon being in this mode.


I echo this… I actually went a little further and created a Baby Sitter Routine which would turn on a bunch of lights and a TV for the sitter and would disable a lot of automations while the sitter was in the house.

However, it would still run the ‘Good Night’ routine so all the lights would go off for bed time.

Your best bet is to create a new mode for Babysitter (to help disable certain smart apps and routines you would not want to run with a sitter in the house).

Then create a routine for the sitter that you can set from your phone when the sitter arrives.

You could even take this a step further (I haven’t) and give your sitter a presence sensor that would auto trigger baby sitter routine.

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I asked this same question a few weeks ago! The best solution I received was to create a virtual presence device, name it “Babysitter”. Add it to all your normal routines with your and your wife’s presence. When you know the sitter will be coming, flip it to present. This way when you leave there will still be “someone” present and location based modes won’t change.

Thanks Jimmy. I’ve set that up and is a brilliant solution.

All thanks to @chrisb since he gave me the idea when i posted the same situation.