Just want an app that changes mode by presence

Hello all!

I am using Nobody Home Smartapp. The issue that I have is it wants to change the mode at sunrise. This is just part of the app. I don’t need it to be time controlled at all. I just want an app to change to Home routine when someone arrives and to Away routine when everyone leaves. I want to be able to choose the routines. I don’t care that if a second or 3rd person arrives, the mode doesn’t change. This is for my alarm. I use Smart Alarm.

Unless someone knows of a Alarm app that does both in one. I cannot program, but can copy and paste very well!!! :wink:

You mean to change mode not routine, right? So what prevents you from setting a routine to automatically run ‘when everone leaves’ and another to automatically run when ‘someone arrives’?


So… do you want to run routines or change modes?

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In the App they are called routines. I just found the gear on the top of each of them. THANKS!

I was wondering why there was no smart app for this!!!

Ok, routines are smart apps that can run multiple things, including home modes and security modes. If you look under the automatically perform routine (towards the bottom, under additional settings) you can set each routine to run at certain times. Presence is one of the conditions.


Except they don’t work… I’ve been having such problems with my I’m Back and Goodbye. I’m kind of done with trying on that front…

Oh wow, do you have a bunch of c2c devices or handling tones of devices into one routine? Avoid using c2c devices and limit your number of devices to 20 top.

It has been working for me now. Thanks guys!!!