Vacation & House Sitter - How to?

I just realized that when we are away on Summer Holidays my home will be in Alarm Mode and I did not buy any other presence sensors for a house-sitter to come check on things as we just use our phones for everything.

I guess I have to rush an order in for a Presence Sensor. Any ideas on another solution…?

invite them on use their ios or android phone as a presence device and allow them to change the alarm mode?

I could, then ask them to delete themselves from our Smartthings when we get back.

or you can remove them yourself in the app

They would have full access to your system if you added them to the app.

Just disable alarms and have notification only on. You will know when they come & go, but they wont be greeted with a shrieking alarm.
Having a dropcam or foscam to check would be nice as well.