Change mode according to who is present, actually

So here is the problem:
I outfitted our babysitter with a Samsung Arrival Sensor. When she comes the door is automatically unlocked and the system changes to disarm. When she leaves to pick up the kids the door locks automatically behind her and arms the house. When she comes back, same process, door is unlocked and house is disarmed.
Works pretty well so far.

When my wife comes home in the afternoon it runs her routine. Just Disarm. But when the babysitter leaves it locks the door as it should but it also puts the system in away mode which will trigger the alarm once my wife does anything to set it off, move, open a window, door etc. The app shows her present and even if she disarms the system it still shows in “Away” mode.

It would be easier if the sitter left before my wife comes home but I am afraid is not an option. So there isn’t much after this handover that would trigger to change the mode.

Is there a workaround or solution to this?

You can do this with extra modes that represent the true state of who is there.

It will probably also require additional routines as well, but you can certainly get it to do exactly what you want.

So let’s consider the following modes

  1. everyone is away
  2. babysitter is only adult
  3. wife is home

We start with everyone away.

If babysitter arrives when everyone is away, run her regular arrival routine. Change mode to babysitter is only adult. Change SHM alarm status to disarmed.

If babysitter leaves while the mode was babysitter is only adult, run her current leaving routine. Change the mode to everyone away. Change the SHM status to armed.

If wife arrives while the mode is babysitter is only adult, run her regular arrival routine and change the mode to home.

if babysitter leaves while the mode is home ( meeting the wife is also home), run a new leaving routine which does only those things that you want to do in this exact situation. Do not change the mode. Do not change the SHM arm status.

If the wife arrives while the mode was away, do your arrival routine for that situation, including changing the mode to home and changing the SHM arm status to disarm.

So basically the babysitter needs two different leaving routines, one for if the wife is home and one for if the wife is not home.

You also need the extra mode to indicate when the babysitter was the only adult there.

There are lots of other ways to do it, but this is just a simple one that only uses the built in features. It just requires that you have an extra mode and that the babysitter have two routines: one for when she is the only adult there and one for when your wife is also there.

Seems to me all he has to change is checking for All not Any presence sensor in the babysitter rule?
Wife not home and babysitter leaves then alarm set, wife home and she leaves All is false and won’t set.

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That will definitely be the simplest if the only thing that the babysitter leaving routine does is arm the alarm. :sunglasses:

If the babysitter leaving does other things as well that you want to have happen even if the wife is home, like lock the front door after her, then you need two leaving routines.

But you’re right, you should still be able to do it just with changing how many people get counted in the “everybody leaves” field. You wouldn’t need the extra mode.

Like I said, lots of different ways to do this. :sunglasses: Yours is better for the conditional.

or can I set my wifes routine to change the mode to home, or maybe a new mode called “wife home” and then at the babysitters routine I can add to only do the routine if the mode is “not” home or wife home.

Yes to both. :sunglasses:

Mode exclusion is one of the " additional settings " in a routine:

I try that. thanks

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