Temporarily disable presence sensors: kids home for Holidays?

Is there a way to temporally disable the presents sensor in ST or on the phone, so the system is not automatically armed when we leave, and people are still in the house?
With the boy home for X-mas I had to keep watching my phone to tell ST “I’m Back”, just after it “armed”. when both my wife and I left the house, and the kids were still in it!

Also: is there a way to temporally disable a SmartApp, without deleting it? I had my “Good Night” go on at midnight, (or when thing quiet down) but the boys stayed up later, sending me all kinds of alerts.

Just include them in the automation so “I’m back” becomes “We’re all back”

Some people use location modes for stuff like that. So that if the house is in Mode “Guest” then certain actions and triggers and routines get skipped. However, you’d have had to set that up beforehand for it to be of any value now.

I don’t know of any way to temporarily disable things…if you hadn’t already accounted for that being a possibility. Perhaps someone else will come in with an answer and I’m curious as to what that might be…

But if you want to do a little work…you could create a Simulated Presence sensor (which you can just turn off and on from within the ST app) and then just ADD it to the routines you have so that it ALSO has to be Away before the Routine will start. Then when you have Guests come over who will be staying you could enable this Virtual Presence sensor and that way those Routines would never execute.

BTW…I can tell you’re in the holiday spirit as you wrote “presents” sensor in your first sentence (the coder in me catches those typos…) :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I looked at the Virtual presence Sensor, but I’ve not messed with those custom code things before. I didn’t even know you could disable “my home”…“things” and rein-able them? “Guest” mode sounds like something I might try, just wondering if “Goodbye”/“Armed” would still automatically override it when it detects when we (presence sensors/iPhones) have left?
lol presents!!!

Yeah, I added a location “mode” in the IDE called company over. So I have home, away, night, company over and others. Then you can go through the smart home monitor and choose don’t automatically do this when im in “company over” mode, and similarly go through your smart apps and choose to check or un check that automation in the new mode.

Sounds lengthy but it only takes about 10 minutes.

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Create another mode “Company Gone”. When you run a Routine that sets that Mode, an audio message plays on every speaker in the house “Holidays are over family, go home” and they all just disappear. :grinning:


Thanks Matt, I’ll give that a try. Sorry I missed this, had a major health setback, and am just now catching up again. Really appreciate the help.

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