Schema Connector webhook device issues

I’m trying to setup an OAuth2 server to work with the Schema Connector webhook. Developing in python and using the Oauth2Lib with the Bottle framework.

I’m getting through the auth flow sucessfully to where Smartthings makes its POST request back to my /token endpoint. It looks like my server is responding correctly with a JSON payload of:
{“access_token”: “W0C6BunsIfzZmfC0pwWF6ZENftJ6mf”, “expires_in”: 3600, “token_type”: “Bearer”, “refresh_token”: “vwdK4oOIeHxwGtIAQw43c0HjR1zoIm”}

But I get the result from the app when adding/authenticating the device:

Is there any way to debug the request code or how to determine what’s missing from the final token response?

Hi! Just to clarify, the OAuth server is where you’re working with Python and your Schema Connector works with the SDK?
Do you receive any logs on your Connector? I think it may be related to the parameter expected by the callbackHandler.
You can also take a look at the OAuth servers of the samples below. They have been tested and the OAuth process is successful, within them, you can see the process payloads and verify if your integration complies with it.

Thanks - this ended up being my OAuth libraries deciding to send URL form-encoded instead of JSON…

I ended up using this example to help get a working prototype leveraging ST code in Node: GitHub - SmartThingsCommunity/st-schema-oauth-example: Compete ST Schema connector example including OAuth server and virtual device web app

Great! So, Is everything working properly now?
If so, please remember to mark the post that helped you as the solution. Otherwise, feel free to post further questions. Thanks!