C2C Schema connector. Lambda, . No authentication in discovery event

In Cloudwatch found the request but there is no token provided. I can see in my Oath2 service that ST is calling for the refresh at the correct specified intervals. (For simplicity of testing, expires is set to 600 to monitor ST is alive). Also for simplicity, the schema connector Webhook is pointing to the same Oauth2 token endpoint and there can see the authentication part is included in the Webhook call.

2019-08-02T07:10:59.059Z ddb52abf-9c44-421e-be30-a3e9366d7fb8 INFO
“headers”: {
“schema”: “st-schema”,
“version”: “1.0”,
“interactionType”: “discoveryRequest”,
“requestId”: “0b397e6a-ce66-4a2b-9da0-7a5665ae8585”

According to the docs,

there should be a section:

“authentication”: {
“tokenType”: “Bearer”,
“token”: “token received during oauth from partner”

All subsequent incoming requests contained the authorization section . Probably this was an isolated single case.

I still have the same issue but with webhook service.

Does anyone know how to get “authentication” object in the request ?

Thank you

Happened again today, Stuck in account linking now. OAuth2 Authorization Code. Schema.
It’s kind of weird that ST calls a 3Party service with an invalid request structure.


For the record:

  • The token endpoint isn’t responding correctly with asked authorization_code/token

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