Create an automation routine for active/inactive device statuses? (Xenon SMa804N)

Hi guys,

I have “Z-Wave Sensor” for detecting smoke\gas leaks. Sensor is paired and works correctly. But it sends to Hub only “active” or “inactive” statuses. I would like to create a routine for automate some events when smoke is detected, like turn on siren, push notification.

I didn’t find any predefined routines (in Automation tab, Add a Routine) for my device and active\inactive statuses.

What’s the specific brand and model of the sensor? We have to start from there to see what is possible. :sunglasses:

specific brand and model of the sensor

Xenon SM-A804N Z-Wave Gas/Smoke sensor.

We have to start from there to see what is possible.

Very appreciate any help. Thannks!

Tried every type of events and Custom. Can’t find my “Z-Wave Sensor” type. I think that is because it doesn’t have any type like security, leaks, doors etc.

Thanks, will google this tool.

instead of making a work around, why not write (or find someone to write) a device handler that properly handles this device and has the properly defined capabilities so it works with existing apps.

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Webcore isn’t going to help until you can find out what zwave commandsets the device supports.

There’s something odd about this brand. They advertise with the Z wave logo, but I’ve never been able to find a conformance statement for them (which would list the commandsets that the device supports).

See the discussion in the following thread:

Do you know what device type handler (DTH) it is currently using?

Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

zwave multi sensors of this type don’t work the way most people expect them to.

They don’t send one message for carbon monoxide is detected and a different message for smoke is detected.

They always send the same message, “alarm.” Then the DTH has to parse the message payload to find out exactly what triggered that alarm.

If the OP is only getting “active” and “inactive” messages, Then it’s likely that the DTH being used is not parsing the notification payload.

That’s why we have to know exactly which DTH it is using in order to know what the best DTH would be, or if a new custom DTH would be required.

There’s nothing webcore can do until that payload is parsed, and that is done in the DTH.

See the thread I linked above for examples.

Unfortunately not. I can see only logs from the console.

And another logs from device.

My first goal is to create an automation for this sensor, to notify me and family about danger and do some preventive things like camera screenshot, push notification etc.

Next will be good to know what exactly happened like what type of gas or maybe device health report if possible.

Have I tried what? Change a device type? Yep, I tried to change to “Z-Wave Basic Smoke Alarm” and device didn’t work at all with this type. Will try to test with “Z-Wave Plus” in evening.
Did I try to test device with the different type of smoke\gas - nope, only cigarette smoke. Will try to test with gas. Not sure how to reproduce a CO.

Are you seeing a state change from inactive to active when testing on the current device type?

The post JD linked to suggests that device type ‘Zwave Smoke Alarm’ is reporting a state change, be it the incorrect alarm description, but this could at least trigger a general alarm for now.

There is no state change on “Z-Wave Smoke Alarm” when testing. I able to see some messages in logs but it seems that device handler is unable to parse it correctly.

After re-attaching a device it was recognized by Hub as “Z-Wave Sensor” and with this type Hub detects only active\inactive statuse change when testing.

Will try webCoRe in a while. Would like to play with types at first. Thanks.

UPD: Problem is partially solved by changing a device type to “Z-Wave Water Sensor”.