POPE004001 Z-Wave Smoke Detector with Mains Power Option

I own and have connected to my SmartThings hub a Z-Wave Smoke Sensor plus Siren. Right Now, status is off and 100% battery. This device is also mains power connected using the Popp Mains Adapter POPE004100.
Siren testing from my Smartphone performs as expected.
I have a contingency in my SmartThings hub automation routine the item described “Smoke detected” displays “There are no devices of this capability”.
Likely the device is unsupported by not so smart thing. Does anyone know different answer why my smoke detector not recognised please?
A further question does Shenzhen Heiman Technology Co. Limited make every smoke detector rebadged?

SmartThings doesn’t always work with every z-wave or zigbee device with the device handlers that are built-in.

Many devices require a custom device handler to function.

If this device was able to pair with your hub, have you checked in the IDE which handler this device was assigned to?

It’s possible that if it’s reassigned to a z-wave smoke detector handler, it’ll start working.

Or it might require a new handler.

There is an official list of devices that work without the need for custom handlers. first alert zsmoke and zcombo devices are on there, I’m pretty sure halo is too. I have one of each, I’m not sure which company in China manufactures each one though.

I have two `popp z-wave device cone ted to my samsung smartthings hub inclusive. In my routine connected open and closed. I am confused when routine says no smoke detector detected when in fact it exists on smarthings.