Heiman sensor gas zwave

Hi, @nayelyz previously the Z-wave gas Heiman gas sensor worked on my controller. After the update it no longer works, it is not added to the monitoring panel. I would appreciate your verification.

@AlejandroPadilla and @Ivan_Luis_Falleau Hi, @nayelyz previously the Z-wave gas Heiman gas sensor worked on my controller. After the update it no longer works, it is not added to the monitoring panel. I would appreciate your verification.

@Jesus_De_Oliveira I can verify it, Could you share the productType and the manufacturerId? you can check those values at https://my.smartthings.com/advanced or if you are using a custom driver please let me know.

Also, when you say "it no longer works, " do you mean that the device stops working? Or are you only referring to the fact that the device is not added to the monitoring panel?


Model: 8003-1000

Manufacture: 0260-8003-1000

Heiman Gas. Drive Zwave smoke alarm MC. Mariano.

He no longer appears on the monitoring panel. before the update it appeared and worked correctly

@AlejandroPadilla Is this useful that I sent? Do you need anything else from me? I already tried to reset the device and it doesn’t work on the monitoring panel.

I couldn’t find the device profile to verify the device category, but my first thought is that the change may be related to security. The devices with custom integration cannot be selectable for the home monitor that was something planned for the engineering team but I need to confirm it with the team.

Hi @AlejandroPadilla

This device use this profile with categories : SmokeDetector

It uses the firmware libraries defaults zwave gasGetector.lua

name: gas-battery
- id: main
  - id: gasDetector
    version: 1
  - id: battery
    version: 1
  - id: refresh
    version: 1
  - name: SmokeDetector
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I confirmed with the team and they commented that only the devices with carbonMonoxideDetecto and smokeDetector capabilities as selectable for Home Monitor, they can use the official driver o a custom driver at the moment.

@AlejandroPadilla This makes no sense, if before the update it worked perfectly. and ZigBee gas devices do work. The problem here is not having the driver for this device and adding it to the monitor. can you confirm this please

@AlejandroPadilla I wanted to know if there is any news on this? As I indicated previously, it worked, regarding the zigbee protocol that works, mine is z-wave.

Do you know what capabilities the Zigbee device has?
You can check it using Samsung account or using the smartthings CLI using smartthings devices {deviceid} -j

@AlejandroPadilla I don’t have a zigbee device, it’s just z-wave. But I have already seen forums that indicate that it works. That’s why I need that help.

@AlejandroPadilla Do you have any news about this?

Unfortunately not, the team only confirmed the information I shared previously, I don’t have more information from the team sorry.

@AlejandroPadilla Now the problem has spread. Heiman’s Zwave smoke sensor now doesn’t work either. something happens in the controller or monitor. It can’t be that things are being damaged. @Mariano_Colmenarejo Could you confirm if this works? or if there is something in the controller

I don’t have any device that uses that driver.
The driver hasn’t changed in a long time and I have no idea about the problem you mention.

I have this device and it’s using this driver:


Zigbee Smoke/CO Detector Mc


Devices Supported: https://github.com/Mariano-




Support information




Mariano Shared Beta Driver

@Somebody I have a z-wave protocol sensor. this ZigBee will not work. The problem is that they both appear on my home monitor but when I close the app and open it, they leave there. @Mariano_Colmenarejo sorry for bothering but I don’t understand this, many things are stopping working.

It’s not a question of whether to bother or not to bother, it’s just that I can’t do anything about this problem of whether it is displayed or not in the STHM of the App.

I added this device in August for this user, you can ask him if he has problems with it or not with his device

Yes, you’re right. I just saw Heiman gas sensor and didn’t think of the protocol.