Xenon 4 in 1 Smoke/Fire/CO/NaturalGas Detector -- need device type handler help

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I got the Xenon 4 in 1 Smoke/Fire/CO/NaturalGas Detector : https://szxenon.en.alibaba.com/product/60330331942-800815039/Xenon_2015_new_arrival_z_wave_smart_home_devices_smoke_gas_sensor_free_APP_for_smart_phone.html?spm=a2700.7803228.1998738836.185.qUsU5F

I registered it as Zwave Smoke Alarm, the gas detection works well but it is notified as Carbon Monoxide.
Anyone can help in a device type as I don’t see a gas Detector capability in the ZWave_Command_Classes.

Thanks in Advance.


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Does anyone know much about this product? Never heard of the vendor. Seeing as I am eyeing a bunch of these for my house, thanks to unexpected inspection requirements… this may be a cheaper route…

Xenon is a medium size Chinese manufacturer with a really dumb name. (Impossible to google.) they manufacture mostly for the Chinese market. I’m still not sure they’re certified zwave products, either, I’ve never seen a conformance statement for them but maybe it’s filed under a different company name.

Speaking just for myself, I don’t buy any sensors for life and death emergencies that don’t meet UL standards. But that’s just me.

Anyone knows a natural gas detector that Integrates with ST?
The only device i came across so far is the roost http://www.getroost.com/product-smokealarm and it is WiFi and not sure if any work has been done for integrating it.

Roost has added both devices and features since the last time I looked at them.

In particular, they now have their own IFTTT channel, which would allow integration with SmartThings that way. The only question is how long is the lag. It might be as much as 15 minutes at some homes, which could be too long for life and safety alerts.


btw seems Zooz are using the Xenon products . Check this out http://www.getzooz.com/zooz-zse02-motion-sensor.html. Same specs and packaging

@TheSmartestHouse could say for sure whether the zooz are relabels of xenon products. But the zooz definitely have official Z wave alliance certification, which I have not seen for the xenon. ( but again, maybe it is under a different company name.)


Also, they aren’t exactly the same specs, as all of the zooz products are Z wave plus.

The Xenon smoke/gas detector is a Zwave Plus device and the specs/packaging/power adapter are matching.

Back to my main question, anyone know what is the gasDetector capability as I don’t see any in the Zwave command class http://wiki.micasaverde.com/index.php/ZWave_Command_Classes.

Zwave Command classes are not designed that way. The command class itself is much more general, in this case it would be “alarm” or the newer “notification.” Then there is a parameter for that command which says what type of alarm/notification it is.

For example, here’s the conformance statement for the first alert CO2/smoke sensor.


Notice that it just uses the one “alarm” command for both its smoke and its CO2, but it does use different parameters for each, which is why SmartThings can process them separately.

And here’s a screenshot of the SmartThings developer documentation which shows the parameters available for notification.

It is then up to each manufacturer how they want to have their device report. So you would need to check the user manual or check with the manufacturer to find out what parameters they are sending for a gas alert.

Then, as you noted originally, you need to have a device type handler that knows what to do with that particular parameter.

Thanks JDRoberts, I will check and see what I can do there.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention @rafi_tahmazian and @JDRoberts. Zooz is not affiliated with Xenon in any way. They seem to be a Chinese vendor without any representation in the US. It’s good to remember that even if you buy a similar or same product from a company overseas, you’re on your own from then on. There is no warranty service, no returns period (unless you’re buying a product fulfilled by Amazon but then it’s 30 days period), communication is very difficult if at all possible and these companies hold no liability to US consumers.

If you can send us images of the packaging or let us know which products are packaged the same way, it will help us take the necessary steps to protect our brand. We work with different factories in Asia but all product documentation and design work is done in-house and is covered under copyright law.

Thanks again for including us!

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You can check there website and find out what products are packaged the same way.

Do you have any gas sensor or are you planning to include one ?

Thanks @rafi_tahmazian. Interestingly, we couldn’t find any of our products on their website. Maybe they have removed them. We’re working with Z-Wave Alliance to have the situation addressed and talked to the factory manager as well to help us deal with any copyright abuse on Xenon’s side.

We haven’t been able to find a reliable gas sensor solution among the sample products we tested so far but we’ll continue to look for one and perhaps start to develop our own. As soon as we have anything that’s ready to be tested, we’ll post the news here.

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I mentioned the packaging, which does not mean the product is the same.

Thank you for specifying @rafi_tahmazian, we thought you meant the packaging as in box design, not the cover. It’s possible that Xenon buys from the same factory, we’re looking into that and as said before, working with Z-Wave Alliance to make sure only certified products reach the market. Once again, we appreciate all your help in identifying the products and vendor!

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I think you should certify their sensor if you are not finding/creating one yet. It is surprising that no sensor for such critical thing.

@TheSmartestHouse , did you ever find out anymore about the Xenon products? I never did find a conformance statement for them, and they appear to been withdrawn from the market, but we do have a community member currently asking about a DTH for them.

Not really, we don’t source our products from that manufacturer anymore. Sorry we couldn’t be more helpful!

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I have the same unit but as a Topvico brand. seems to be a generic box. I asked Topvico for command and payloads, still waiting. I am adapting the generic smoke alarm to suit.

Using the live logging, I light a smokey candle and watched the returns. Currently no gas so will add that once I get some. CO2 will be a pain as I cannot find a cannister of co2 here in ireland

The siren in it would wake the dead.

Do we need any DH to make it work with ST ? I’m thinking to get one myself