Crap, I just got the “you must take action” force over to Samsung notice


WhyOhWhyOhWhyOh, Samsung?

PLEASE change the message so customers don’t think this means they are being kicked out of SmartThings Classic App!!!


SmartThings is like a box of chocolates…


I think it’s closer to Pandora’s box …


You mean there’s still Hope left? :wink:


“ Remember, Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies … " — with the possible exception of well written third-party DTHs and apps being migrated to the new ST app :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ah crud, I got this too. Was putting this off as long as possible. Going away on Thu so not going to do tonight. Guess when I get back.

I believe at the end of the upgrade it stated to remain on the classic app…

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Got mine too and it only took a few minutes, maybe less, to get it done. No issues detected. I am exploring the new app now that it is populated but I still use the classic app for daily HA needs.


I suspect Samsung Corp. want people to move to the new app, whereas the Smartthings Samsung people recongise the issues with the current messaging but have little power over what mothership is telling people.

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Only if we’re scraping at the bottom of the jar.


the change to Samsung account does NOT have to go smoothly or quickly. I got the banner about 7-8 weeks ago, I put it off for about a week, then started it, then it said “Updating your account / Please wait… / It usually takes few seconds to complete the update. If the update takes longer, we will notify you once it completes.”

So I waited. After about 3-4 days of seeing this message and not being able to use the phone app on that phone, it looked tits-up so I called support - I forget the specific issue, but it took about 40 minute of investigation and testing. I do have custom smartapps and device handlers, but I don’t remember if they were involved. This problem did not affect different phones, dashboard or Echo interfaces.

So yeah don’t do it on Friday if your phone is your main interface.

AHH YES I THINK the main fix in my case, was to blow away the phone Settings/ CloudAndAccounts/ Accounts/ myusername(SmartThings) . But the Support Guy may have re-initiated the phone account migration, I don’t know what all he was doing.

I have been running both apps for a while and my login has been migrated too. I have all devices shown in the new app but not all can be accessed though. I have a handful of customer handler devices cannot be edited or viewed even they are on the device list. Fortunately, my old app is still working.

I’ve been ignoring this prompt for a week or so on my Ipod Touch; when it finally popped up on my Android phone I bit the bullet. I just re-used my existing ST email and ID and things seemed to go smoothly (AFAIK, I haven’t really done anything other than verify I can bring up the classic app and log into the IDE where everything looks normal). I did see a ‘continue to use the classic app’ note so that’s what I plan on doing. The ‘updating your account’ phase took less than a minute to complete.

Edit: and a buddy of mine just went through it and had a slightly less benign experience. The new ID addition went well for him on his phone; apparently. He got the verifed/success notification. Then he tried using the app on another device and was presented with the ‘must take action’ banner. Closed out the app; re-opened it and when trying to login continues to get prompted to take action. I told him to just not do anything for a while and let things percolate through the cloud.

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My switchover to the Samsung login went smoothly.
I just wish their communication was better and clearer.

Tell me how long I have before my ST account becomes inactive.
Tell me its impact on IDE.
Tell me this is ONLY my login credentials, and not also a force-over to the new app.

I just updated my wife’s account. On iOS the message seems pretty clear that it’s login only.


mine is stuck on Please wait… i can’t hit back, i can quit the app, come back, and it’s right back to please wait. so I can’t use the app at all right now. opened a support ticket, so two days from now, i’ll get a response …something like restart your phone. of course i’ve tried that, and cleared app cache, etc…

you don’t say that you tried deleting the phone/ Account/ Smartthings

It says: update your account, as an initial step in the transition to the new smartthings app… after the update, you will be logged out of the smartthings Classic app on all devices, and your Samsung account will be your new login.

I understood that the way you did. However, I think it’s not entirely clear that this initial step is not going to be followed immediately by more mandatory steps, steps that transition you to the new smartthings app.

Again, the issue here is waaay beyond that. There are MANY concerns here:

  • how long until the existing ST login becomes invalid?
  • does the new login work on the Groovy IDE?
  • make completely clear that this is not going to force you to the new app.

That “what to expect” paragraph is there.
Make it truly informative and useful.

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actually i did try that… first try didn’t work. then i went in deleted app data, app cache and uninstalled. that seemed to have done the trick.

Anyone else have issues getting into / editing their Smart Lighting automations after the account switch? Everything else seems to be working as expected.