Samsung SmartCam HD Pro, SmartCam HD Plus or Other - What would you pick?

I’ve spent a greater portion of today browsing around here, reddit and the rest of the internet and still not solid on what indoor camera to go with.

From what I read none really tie in nicely to SmartThings. I see they recently released the SmartCam HD Plus which should integrate into SmartThings in the near future but not yet there.

I’d like feedback as to what you’re using and if it’s even worth tieing my video into SmartThings or if i’m better off going to an untied options such as Nest or Homeboy.

I’m just looking for basic usage such as start recording when motion is detected and recording of videos captured during those motion detections.

Have you looked at Blink? My #1 requirement (aside from integration potential) was that they be battery operated, so I didn’t have very many to choose from. Blink doesn’t yet have native support for HA systems, but there has been some progress on that front:

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I’ve had the SmartCam PRO for awhile now and it’s great. No complaints.

I picked up the new SmartCam PLUS at Costco, mainly because I liked the look (smaller, black) and the price - it was about $100 at Costco, with an included SD card. I also knew that it would eventually be integrated into ST.

My only real complaint so far is that the WiFi range of the PLUS is much shorter than the PRO from my experience, so if I were to buy another camera, I’d buy another PRO.

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I ended up getting the SmartCam Pro and agree it’s a pretty good cam. I’m just having trouble keeping it on my MsartThings app, at present it’s “UNAVAILABLE” despite being available via the SmartCam app. Is it stable for you within the SmartThings app?

I have the Plus and like it a lot. Bought it for its smaller size and discrete black color, which has made it easy to conceal. No problems access the camera using wifi anywhere. If I have to use cell service (Verizon), app drops connection periodically. Hopefully it will be part of the ST community soon. I would prefer to have only one app to keep track of things.

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Since both my cameras aren’t integrated into ST (yet), I mostly use the SmartCam app (even if the interface is atrocious) if I want to see what’s going on in the house.

But I can’t say I’ve had any issues with the Pro in the ST app. I’ve got it set to record on certain events (alarm state, etc) and it’s worked perfectly so far.

Here’s my input: definitely NOT the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro. The best thing I can say about it is that it worked well at one time. I’ve got 1 SmartCamHDPro, and I just got two Arlo cameras. The Arlo setup was far more satisfying, and they actually seem to work. Not QUITE as I expected, but that’s after I integrated with SmartThings. Now that I understand how they’re working, it makes sense. But the important part is that they DO work.

I’ve got 2 SmartCam HD Pros that work perfectly with ST. I had a 3rd which didn’t - turned out to be faulty and Samsung are replacing it.

There is a Pro model number 6412BN which doesn’t work - you need the 6410BN