Corroded batteries, SmartThings Hub v2 (less than 2 months old)

Hopefully not too many people have experienced this…
I was performing a hard poweroff (requires removing batteries). I was surprised to see the rayovac AA batteries corroding in the case.

If you haven’t checked them in a while… ya might want to. Luckily I caught mine in time and was able to clean up the terminals and plastic without any damage. I replaced them with more reliable duracell AA batteries.

There are a few, yes. Here’s a search of some:

And ST sent out an email regarding this:

SmartThings has discovered an issue with Hub 2.0 firmware version 0.16.9 which can cause the backup AA batteries in some Hubs to deplete more rapidly than normal. We are sending a firmware update to your Hub on Monday, January 30th, which will fix this.

If the AA batteries in your Hub have been depleted, we will provide you with a new set of AA batteries. Please submit this form within the next 30 days to learn how to receive your new AA batteries.

When checking the AA batteries in your Hub, please be aware that sometimes, when depleted AA batteries are left in a device, a white, crusty powder may form. It’s likely that you’ve seen this in other devices around your home, like flashlights. If you find this, you should dispose of the AA batteries and remove any remaining powder from the Hub.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.


The SmartThings Team

I appreciate the quick reply and reference to others with this issue.
Its nice that SmartThings is willing to replace the batteries, although I do not see the value in $4-$5 for batteries.

I just hope the internals are not at risk for others that do not catch the issue in time.


My V2 hub came with Fujitsu batteries. 2 months old and they still look new.

I decided to check mine this AM and they looked exactly like that. It only took about 10 mins to clean up and replace the batteries.

something like WD40, coke, or baking soda on a cloth will do the trick… I reached for what was closest and used a disinfection wipe, came right off

For cleaning up the leaks:
Potassium hydroxide is a caustic agent that can irritate the respiratory system, eyes, and skin, you may want to take a precautionary extra step of using vinegar or lemon juice (both acids) to neutralize the alkaline build-up. Use a Q-tip or an old toothbrush and carefully wipe away.

Identical issue here with my Rayovac batteries.

I have the Rayovac batteries, hub about 2 months old and did not have the issue. Just checked now.

FYI I just took my batteries out and they were all corroded. Will try cleaning the springs inside with vinegar to see if I can get them clean.

Mine was corroded too had I not receive the email from ST regarding the high battery drain, which made me open my hub to check.

My hub was only installed a year ago and with DC power on, I expect there will be some juice in the batteries.

Day before yesterday night my Hub stopped responding to commands from my mobile app, i had to plug out the wire remove the batteries (on removing the batteries i found all of them to be LEAKING) i spent sometime cleaning the white stuff and plugged back the power supply without the batteries.

The batteries leaked inside the Hub and i still have white marks inside.

The same thing happened to my hub (batteries corroded all over the inside), but now my hub will not connect and appears offline. I have either a flashing red light or solid red light (seems to cycle between the two). Any thoughts?