Check your Hub V2 Batteries: might be leaking! Recommended hub batteries?

Actually, the batteries are alkaline, so to neutralize it, you need to apply acid, e.g. lemon juice or vinegar.

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You’re right.

Here is the correct info for AA batteries:
Potassium hydroxide is a caustic agent that can irritate the respiratory system, eyes, and skin, you may want to take a precautionary extra step of using vinegar or lemon juice (both acids) to neutralize the alkaline build-up. Use a Q-tip or an old toothbrush and carefully wipe away.

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I purchased my SmartThings V2 hub in December (less than 2 months old), and got the recent email about the firmware update and battery issue. I just pulled my batteries out, and sure enough, there was white residue everywhere. I spent the last 30 minutes cleaning the battery compartment using vinegar and alcohol, so I’m not a super happy camper right now. :frowning:

Sure enough, my batteries popped as well.

Mine too. I just emailed support that I wanted a replacement as I still hear something rattling in my hub even after cleaning the battery tray (the gasses may have corroded something else). My hub is a few months old. Obviously a design flaw that warrants a recall. I see this post had been around for a while. Smartthings should have sent an email sooner. Very frustrated.

Wow - my hub (and damage) looks almost identical to yours! I think I plugged mine in at Thanksgiving, so about 2 months for me also. I haven’t even begun to think about the cleanup involved. What a mess.

FWIW, I checked my hub after receiving the ST email and reading through this thread, only to find that I had apparently had the foresight to install rechargeable Energizers during initial set up (just before Christmas). No leaks and no warmer than the surrounding hub. The hub is also on a UPS.

Seems this set up allowed me to dodge a bullet, tho I haven’t tested the batts for voltage. That said, can any of you engineering types speak to potential problems with such a set up? Seems now is as good a time as any to evaluate…

Well, the batteries corroded because the hub was sending a current to them. When your rechargeable batteries receive a current, they charge (assuming it’s the proper voltage). A good charger stops sending a current when the batteries are fully charger, the ST hub didn’t.

So by sending a constant current to your rechargeable batteries after they’re fully charged, you might be damaging them.

Edit: Don’t believe this post!

Someone else measured it and said it was a constant draw, hence the batteries went flat, developed gas inside and then ruptured. Mine certainly were dead flat after just 2-3 months. Samsung also notified about parasitic draw and that the latest firmware fixed a ‘battery drain’.

Oops! Sounds like I got tit the other way around :slight_smile:

I saved my hub by removing the batteries and I then left them next to my hub… 2 weeks later I noticed that one of the batteries leaked on my furniture ruining the finish!! Sucks… I should have recycled them right away!

BTW, did anyone here receive anything from Samsung after filling out the “my batteries are dead, please give me new ones”-form in the “SmartThings Hub Firmware Update & Backup AA Batteries” email?

I am not sure if it was because I said I was living in The Netherlands, but I haven’t received a single reply since submitting that form…

My batteries came yesterday, but I live in the US

I received a coupon code via email for a free set of 4 batteries to be purchased from the ST website.

Same here! Result! Shame they don’t sell Xiaomi kit on Amazon :slight_smile: 5 quid would buy me a temp sensor!

Dang, wish I had gotten an Amazon gift code rather than some generic “$6.99” batteries.

Edit: I know Samsung has a thing with batteries, but did they really need to send my 4 AA batteries in a 6x6x6 box?

Got my replacement batteries today, thanks ST! I can also reuse their box to ship something else lol

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I really don’t see there being any solution from SmartThings that customers would be happy with. If it is determined that this is caused by a hardware issue causing excessive battery leakage beyond what would be considered normal and expected, I assume most people would expect replacement hubs

Yeah! That’d certainly help with …

but considering they have confirmed that no migration tool will be made available in the foreseeable future that would mean that everyone would have to essentially start over with their setups.

Ah crap. You’re right.

Still - it’s quite disappointing that Samsung hasn’t stepped up to the plate on this and attempted to do right by their customers. Add me onto the pile of early v2 hub owners, who just opened up the hub and found a horrible corroded mess. This was NOT the case a while ago, as I’ve had to pull all power from my hub once or twice to reset it in the last year (that included pulling the batteries).

So - who wants to be John Doe #1 in a class action lawsuit? I’m no expert, but given how long it took for this to develop, and now that so many have developed this condition suddenly … this leads me to believe that Samsung pushed down a damaging firmware update to our hardware.

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I think Smartthings pretty much admitted this already and are sending out replacement batteries to people.

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