Battery leak even with hub update?

(Dale C) #1

I would keep checking your batteries even with hub update 000.016.00014 or at the very least replace the batteries if you didn’t do it after the hub update in January.

I am getting an error: 500:Internal Server Error on my hub which is totally unrelated to the batteries but I it was a blessing in disguise. I went to the hub to do a total reset including removing the batteries and found the beginning of a battery leak. I checked these exact batteries when we all got the email notification from SmartThings back in January about the Hub 2.0 firmware version 0.16.9 causing leaking and corrosion issues which was to be fixed on Jan 30th. I never got the free replacement batteries because these looked fine at the time. It might be these Costco brand batteries were already failing from the old firmware but just hadn’t shown it yet so I replaced it this time with top shelf Duracell Procell.
“Duracell Procell batteries are Duracell’s line of batteries designed for industrial and professional use. Duracell Procell batteries are packaged for the volume user, and are not sold in blister packs.”

Note to Self: Check batteries every month.

(Ben) #2

I connected my hub to a APC UPS and just left the batteries out completely.

Edited because I’m a moron Thanks Michael! My brain got mixed up, and then my fingers followed suit.

(Michael Hess) #3

UPS, just don’t want someone to go looking for a UPC that’s a device. :slight_smile:


BTW, the Kirkland line are rebranded Duracell Quantums. :wink: That’s why they generally test very well, including the tests from consumer reports and other consumer sites. Unlike the Amazon basics, which seem to be junk batteries, the Kirkland ones should be good quality.


I pulled the batteries out of my hub because it seems like they can only run the hub for a couple of minutes every time the power is lost. My UPS can go about two hours.


Glad I saw this thread. I opened my hub and found 4 leaking Duracell batteries.


Yikes, I’ve got rechargeables in mine! Checked them and they seem ok!