CoRE not reading Garage Multipurpose Sensor correctly

I have just discovered CoRE and have successfully installed it. And, I have managed to get a few test Pistons to work. But, I’ve hit a roadblock, which seems like it should be simple.

I want ST to send me an SMS message when my garage door is open (after a certain time of night). The problem I am having is that I can’t seem to get CoRE to read the sensor output correctly. That is, the door is currently closed, ST dashboard indicates that the door is closed, and, in, I can see that the device’s status is “garage-closed”. But, in my CoRE Piston, when I set a condition simply as “Garage Multipurpose Sensor sensor is closed”, I see “Current evaluation: false”.

What am I missing?
Thanks very much!

A couple of suggestions:

– Switch to webCoRE. It won’t take long to setup and figure out, and you’ll never go back.

– The piston is not working because “is closed” is a condition, which is only evaluated when the piston is activated (“triggered”). You have no triggers, so the piston never runs.

– The documentation states that you can use time as a trigger – and this is true, but only one time, not a range of time. Therefore, if you set the piston the check the door status at 9PM, it will work. It will not work if you set it to “check the door from 9PM to 6AM”. In order to make that work, you could change “door is closed” to “door changes to open”, which is a trigger. But this won’t work if the door is already open at 9PM. Nor will it work a second time during the night if the door opens again. :slight_smile: Confused yet?

– Here’s my piston that does something similar to what you want. Basically, it evaluates the door situation every five minutes, and if the door has been left open for longer than 15 minutes, it will send a text message to me. Once it evaluates, it re-runs itself again, which restarts the 5 min timer.