Send Text if Sensor is Already Open at a Particular Time?

I need SmartThings to look at an open/close sensor at 1:05pm each Saturday and send me a text if the sensor is already open. It do not want it to send a text if it is closed. I’m not interested in knowing if it opened at 1:05 each Saturday. I need to know if it was already open at 1:05 each Saturday. I am new to ST and have learned a lot over the past few weeks but cant seem to find a topic that addresses this. I gave in and decided to ask for help.

First things first: we need to ask a few questions as there are some variations depending on your exact set up.

  1. which model of the SmartThings hub do you have?

  2. Which version of the mobile app are you using (“SmartThings classic” or “smartthings (Samsung connect)”)?

  3. Are you using a Samsung galaxy eight phone or newer? An Apple phone? Or a different android phone?

Easy to do in webCore, The logic would be

IF the time is 1:05 pm
AND the sensor is open, THEN
send a text message.

Hub is V2.
Using Classic mobile app.
Using IPhone.

Got it! Installed webCore and wrote my first piston. :grinning: Thanks Guys!

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