CoRE Help Needed - Arrival Sensors

I would like to have my garage door open when either my iphone or my smartthings arrival sensor come home. Many times my iphone and my arrival sensor (attached to my key ring) come home at the same time, but trigger the garage door open at different times. This causes the door to open and then close because its a momentary switch.

How can I setup a CoRE piston to use both my iphone and the sensor to open the garage door on arriaval only if it isnt already opened?

Sure, you just need a tilt sensor on the Garage door to indicate if it is open or closed.

I posted this project with ST Multi sensor for my garage door some time ago. It still may be useful.

I have that. I need how to do it in core

I will have a look. THank you.

If you want to use Core Piston, you may need to setup a veriable and test for a condition. Example if the garage door was already opened, set the door_state veriable to 1 and if the other presens sensor arrive and the veriable is already set to 1, than do nothing.

1)Iphone "changes to Present"
or (I would Group these together)
Presence Sensor “Changes to Present”


2)Garage Opener contact “is not open”


3)“Open” Garage Opener
4)Wait 10 minutes (This is so if your garge is closed after your iphone shows home and then your presence sensor shows home then is wont open the door again. Set the time limit to what ever you think it normally takes to for the presence sensor to determin its home.)
5) “Close” Garage (This is optional. We always manually close our door. I also have a seprate rule to close after x minutes of no motion for security. I also have a virtual switch to disable this rule for whatever reason.)