CoRe thinks door is Open

I’m new to CoRe, just installed. I created my fist Piston

If Temp sensor is below 64
Kitchen Door is not Closed
Wait 3 Minutes
Send Push Notification
Follow up With Piston (to repeat)

My Problem is that CoRe thinks the door is always Open when its Closed. ST App shows the door as closed. But in CoRe its showing Current Evaluation: True

I tried setting it to If Kitchen Door is Open and it never see’s the door as Open.

So why will CoRe not see the door sensor correctly?

I only have Core right now. I guess I can try WebCore and see if I have the same issue. How different is WebCore from Core?

I installed WebCore and that has cured the problem. Its actually working as it should be. The only issue I’m trying to figure out now is I’m getting the notifications that the door is Open after 2 minutes and the piston keeps triggering as long as the door stays open until its closed. However I was hoping to have a notification that the door is not closed. I tried the piston below but I got a notification everytime the door closed after being open even if only for a couple of seconds.

How would I make it only send a now closed notification only after its sent an Open notification?

I think I may have figured it out, But there might be an easier way of doing this. Here’s what I have now.

I tried it and didn’t get any notifications. With the one I created it didn’t work right either. I’m going to keep playing with it over the weekend. Thanks for your help.

Your 2nd IF statement in your updated Piston is essentially the same as your 1st. (was open for at least 2 minutes doesn’t mean the door is closed).

If you are wanting that 2nd qualification to send you a notification that the door is Closed, remove that entire IF statement and use the ELSE instead and put IF Sensor 3s Contact changes to Closed then send Notification that door is Closed.