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I have an ‘And-If’ CoRE piston running that works good, but is not working exactly right. I created a piston that will close the garage door if the garage door is open, the temp in the garage is below 32 degrees and if no motion has been sensed for 15 minutes.

If the sequence is triggered and doesn’t close in 1 minute I get a ‘Failure’ SMS notification and the . Or else , I get a ‘Success’ SMS notification.

The piston is working as it should, but I get ‘Success’ notifications all the time. Can you look at my piston and tell me why? Here’s my piston:

Devices in my piston are:
SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor on my garage door (registers ‘open’ when garage door is open and ‘closed’ when garage door is closed. Also measure Temperature
Smartthings Motion Sensor sensing motion in the garage
Mimolite Switch on my garage door opener (Turning switch ‘on’ creates a momentary contact closing or opening door)

Piston Mode: And-If



is less than 32 degrees


stays inactive for 15 minutes


-> Turn On

Using location
-> <send ‘Closer Sequence Initiated’ SMS> To my Mobile phone


Stays open for 1 minute.


<Send ‘Failure’ Notification VIA SMS

Using location

-> Wait 3 Hours


<Send ‘Success’ notification VIA SMS

Thoughts??? The biggest issue is that I get dozens of ‘Success’ notifications VIA SMS. Even if I walk into my garage, I will get 2 ‘Success’ notifications having triggered the motion sensor.

The reason for the <wait 3 hours> is to try to prevent the door from trying to close every 15 minutes if there is something in the way of the door.

The idea behind the ‘Success’ notification is that I would automatically get a notification- partly because it’s cool and for peace of mind.

Thoughts? Thanks -JIm

At the bottom of your tasks, try enabling “only execute on condition state change”.

That is a very quick walk through to take screenshots of your piston in the CoRE dashboard. If you get an error trying to access the dashboard then you will need to enable OAuth for CoRE in the SmartThings IDE.

If you make it all the way through then simply save the photo it gives you and that will make it easier for folks here to help diagnose any problems you might have! Good luck!

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