Core Alternative with local execution?


I am using core for many automations, but mainly for motion sensor to light bulb automation.
For this purpose I want to use something with local execution possibility.
Is there anything similar to Core for this purpose ?
best would be to use core locally but that’s not possible since it is external script , right ?

I need something flexible. for example, it should be able to check sunset/sunrise , time and day based . and also it should check a switch (if on or off) to trigger the light.

You should use Smart Lighting or the new app’s Automations builder. (Some might will run locally.)
Check that all of your devices are indeed local.

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is smartlighting local ?
isn’t there anything similar to core ? (more flexible than smartlighting)

Some features can run locally from Smart Lighting some cannot. I believe it has a comment if it cannot.

The new app’s Automations are coming to be local, hopefully in the near future.

You alternatives are WebCoRe,’s Rule Engine or the new SmartThings Rule Engine API. But at the moment all of them cloud based.

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So rules of Smart Lighting can be local:

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thx for this info.
I just noticed that most of my motion sensors are “cloud” based (Xiaomi and Aoetec)
I only have 4 samsung motion sensors.
so I realized that migrating to a local executed automation would not make much difference.

is it possible to use aoetec and xiaomi motion sensors as local devices ?

Xiaomi definitely not at the moment, but who knows, it might would change in the future.

For the Aoetec ones, you need to look at the generic DHs, some might have local and works with them.
Have they got any official integration? Maybe search for other topics about them.

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well, in fact I have a Hubitat hub which I could not dare to migrate yet.
maybe it is time to migrate …

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I don’t know what local rule engine Hubitat has, but that is a different forum:

But both and WebCore should work with Hubitat too.