So if I have automations say turn on a light or affect a button. I can also do this by clicking on the device and setting it up there and by using smart lighting. Whats the difference between them all and any advantages or disadvantages.

A YouTube video mentioned something about one of them being local and that local is better, but I don’t understand what that means and was wondering if someone could explain.

Thanks in advance

If you setup an automation through Smart Lighting, and all of the devices and conditions used are locally ran, the automation will in turn be local. You can check in the IDE under your installed SmartApps if the automation you create ends up being truly local once you created it. The benefit being that the automation will continue to run if ST is down for whatever reason.

“local execution” means that the trigger and automation are executed directly in the hub rather than needing to execute code in the cloud. Currently only smart lighting has local automations.

Although it is true that local automations will run if ST is down, and this is important to some use cases, i think the most significant difference for most users is that with local execution there is almost no delay in triggering and running of the automation, whereas you can have several seconds of delay for cloud based automations (for me this is typically 1-3 seconds).

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Is this still true new app?

Yep, still true.

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