Moving to new ST - local automation question

I am moving my Core/WebCore automations to local automations on new ST app.

But there is not enough complexity in local automations.
For example, I’d like to turn on my hall lamp when there is motion on the hall sensor but I would like to set the power level of the lamp according to day time
is this possible with any “local” automation ?

You can do this in Smart Lighting with multiple automations, one for each period of day / mode / lux level you want to use as a trigger.

but where is smart lighting ?
on old ST it was available. on new ST I can’t find it in “smart apps” section

In SmartApps, click on the “+” and you’ll see it in the list of apps that you can add.

I can only see my already added apps under “custom”, and only “smartthings home monitor” under “all” ?
why can’t I see what is available to add ?

any ideas ?
how can I get the Smart Lighting ?

What country are you in? SmartLighting is not available in all regions. Which means, in those regions, there is absolutely ZERO local processing of automations/rules possible at this time. Might as well stick with webCoRE running in the cloud.

The New ST App’s “Automations” and “Scenes” all run in the cloud as well.

really , why ?

I am in Turkey but I was living in US when I first installed my Hub and account.
So I am registered in the US servers.

this is really ridiculous.
I don’t understand why Samsung does such a thing.
Local processing means less load on their servers. Why do they force cloud processing ?

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