FAQ: Pairing Schlage Z-Wave Locks

I just got my ST hub today. I have many GE light switches and a few GE outlets/receptacles. I also have three Schlage Z-Wave Lever locks (FE599 I believe?) and a Linear Z-Wave Garage door opener.

Everything went perfectly until I got to the locks and garage door opener. The garage door opener paired just fine, but when I oped the door from the ST app, it opens just fine but when I try to close it, it will not close until I actually click on the device to check its status. Likewise, if I am at the device itself it will open or close just fine, but I have to go back to the list of things to get it to carry out the second command (whether it be open or close).

The Schlage locks all seemed to pair fine but only one is reporting and locks/unlocks from the app. I removed the two that were not functioning properly and added them back again with the same results and I have been through that process a couple of times already. Being able to manage user codes is another issue I will address after I get the two locks functioning properly.

I have been with Nexia for several years and a very brief stint with Wink and decided Smartthings was just a all around better way to go. So here I am. I never had any problems with the locks with Nexia, so I am hoping there is a quick fix to get them integrated into Smartthings.

How far away are the locks from the smart things hub?

Zwave locks require that the repeater that is closest to them support “beaming.” This is a method for communicating that helps extend the battery life for a lock. Not all repeaters support it.

Quite often if you have a lock which is not communicating well to the hub, all you need to do is add an additional repeater that supports beaming within about 15 feet of the lock. You Might even already have one that you could shift with a different device.

The community created wiki has an article on beaming and another article that lists specific beaming repeaters.


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There are several in-the-wall GE z-wave paddle switches, at least one GE z-wave electrical outlet which I understand serve as ‘repeaters’ for the mesh network. Additionally, I also have a z-wave thermostat that should also serve that purpose. In fact, there is a GE paddle switch within about one foot of one of the door locks. The one lock that seems to function properly also has a switch very close to it. Only one of the locks has any distance to it to the next z-wave device and that isn’t more than 10 ft max.

With Nexia and its hub, it was placed about as far away from the locks as you can get in my house and they all still worked perfectly.

I also ran the repair the network from the ST app just to be sure everything was optimized with no change. The two locks that do not respond show they are locked, which they are, they just do not show battery status or respond to lock/unlock commands.

How to fix a Schlage lock that will not pair. The lock will pair if to far away from the HUB, but not work. It will say that there is a security violation. The following procedure must be done exactly to work. It took me more that a few hours to find what worked. The reset lock command will not reset the Z-Wave part of the lock, a exclude must be done. Some times the remove lock from the app will work but not all ways.

The lock needs to be installed in the door. Do a reset by removing the battery and holding down on the Schlage button on the out side of the door and connect the battery. The lock will blink twice. Enter a default unlock code as read from back of the lock or book. The lock will go thought a calibration. Extend the bolt on the lock by pressing the Schlage button on the outside of lock. Bring the Hub within 1 foot of the lock ( I used a long network cable). Go the the z-wave utility in the app. Issue a general exclude. Enter the programming code on the lock then go to exclude mode by entering 0 in the lock. The light on lock will blink faster. Magic will occur. Make sure that the green check make appears. The app will say one device excluded.

It will pair now.


Thank you Walter. You nailed it.

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And for anyone who’s not sure how to do the general exclusion mentioned in Walter’s instructions:

Just ran into the issue of not being able to remove a Schlage connect lock from smartthings that I needed to reset. Your instructions were perfect, thank you!

I just installed this lock and I can’t get it to pair. I’ve attempted the pairing. I’ve resent the lock. I’ve held the hub within a few inches of the lock. I’ve followed Walter’s instructions even though it’s never paired. It just beeps and flashes the ‘X’ at me. My patience are worn thin. This d**med thing is about to go back…

Any suggestions?

Hi Brian. I’ve had a lot of “fun” with these Z-wave locks. I removed my lock from the door, brought it over to the hub, then held it in place as if it was on a door. Then I followed the instructions again, and thats when I had success. I believe the instructions say not to setup the lock without it being on the door, so I rebelled a bit :-).

Is this a lock you’ve had paired in the past, or is it brand new out of the box and pairing for the first time?

I was finally able to get it paired with the help do this thread:

Since then I’ve actually added a 2nd lock to our home and that install went much more smoothly.

I’m having constant issues with my Schlage locks … seen this thread and figured I’d tag along if that’s ok :slightly_smiling_face:

I have no problems getting my locks to pair up (front door and back door) however keeping them “online” is my challenge. Sometimes days will go by with them working properly and then one of them will randomly be “unresponsive”. Which lock goes unresponsive is really strange and it seems to “flip flop” between which one feels like not responding … it’s either both locks working just fine or one of the locks not working.

If I pull the battery and reconnect it then the lock comes back “online” within moments …

Related question - these locks are running firmware version 128.22 according to ST … how does one check and update the firmware? :wink: My previous locks were Bluetooth and you could check/update via an app.


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Just currious, can the key that.comes with the lock be copied or changed to work with the key I have foe my front door. Reason I ask is because I have nursing for my daughter & the night nurses have keys to the front/side door. I have a new nurse coming & im.not looking to give her a key since she ia.new so now im.looking into putting in a smart lock.
The is

The physical keys can be copied yes and I would believe the physical lock cylinder can be changed if you so desired (haven’t changed the cylinder itself). Is this situation though why not give them their own door code instead of physical keys?

I’m going to give the new nurse a code & probably codes for everyone but I wanted to keep the same key because it works on the front & side door.for me & my wife.

Yes - the cylinder pins can be changed to match other locks in your house if you have Schlage locks in the rest of your home. I’ve added two Schlage Camelot wave locks and have had them updated to match the other locks in our house. I took them to Ace hardware and paid $6 for to change it.

Thanks for the suggestion, my lock was able to exclude and pair again when I brought the hub close by connected with an Ethernet cable. ST communicates with the lock when the hub is nearby. When I return the hub to the normal location, upstairs, about 75 feet away, it no longer communicates with the lock. Z-wave repair does not help. There are 3 zwave plus switches and a beaming repeater within a few feet of lock and more than 30 switches between the lock and the hub. It worked great for several months but I am unable to get it to work any more. Any suggestions?

Thank you Walter, you’re pure genius, Sir.

I was just about to put a .45 slug through my Smart Lock, you saved the day, thanks.

Thank you!!! Saved me a big headache.

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Thank you so much i kept tripping over how to use the z-wave utility. I missed that I needed to follow the Schlage enroll/unenroll process while the Z-Wave unenroll process was working in SmartThings.

Thank you so much Walter. Huge sigh of relief here in Texas.

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