How Easy to Transition from Wink to Smartthings?

I’m thinking of finally pulling the plug on the Smartthings Hub. How are will it be to detach all my devices from the Wink hub and get them paired with the new hub?

The Wink hub is my first SH hub so I’m still just getting my feet wet with automation.

I have a Schlage Lock, 10 GE Link bulbs and 2 Leviton outlets. I also would like to integrate my Nest, 2 Nest Protects and my DropCam… and I’m reaching here, but I also have a Dlink IP Camera I’d love to work into this setup. Is it possible?

Any thoughts or tips before I pull the trigger?



I have one GE link bulb which I was able to link to ST with no issue though it’s going back tmrw may be for a philips lux once I compare how fast it reacts to motion to a Aeons multi. It’s in my basement and it’s a little slow to respond. Not sure about the others that you have as I don’t have those but I am sure they will work once the experts jump in to this thread.

Well I believe that you would have to exclude all Z-Wave devices that you have, not sure on the process for the ZigBee devices. I would assume it would be similar to moving from any hub to SmartThings.

Anyone here have some information to share on the basics of what he will need to do?

Also, may I ask… What is the primary reason you are moving from Wink to SmartThings?

Heather, I am 4 days into Smart Things and it has been pretty great so far. I too moved from Wink to Smart Things. Wink was never really a contender for me, I just tried it because it was cheap with my GE Link Lightbulbs. I can say it was difficult to setup and it stopped working a few times. Their customer service was excellent though. I was strongly considering Revolv because of their ease of use, mostly excellent integrations and awesome tech support. I ended up going with Smart Things, because although they do not officially support everything, they at least allow the community to create smartapps and device code and usually make them work. Revolv locks you out, as does wink and some of the other hubs.

My current setup:

5 GE Link Bulbs
1 Leviton Appliance Switch
1 Aeon Labs Energy Consumption Switch
1 Wemo Insight (not on the system and will be replaced by an Aeon Labs Switch)
1 Dropcam
1 Sonos Play 1

I plan on getting a Nest and the Nest Protect. I really like the Yale lock; however, I want to see the reception of the Goji and August smartlocks once they are released within the next few months.

The most difficult thing to get running properly is the smart apps that group the GE lightbulbs and allow dimming. I have it almost working perfectly now thanks to the help of @wackware

Check the thread here:

It’s $100 bucks and you’re heavily invested in tech that will work with it better and more reliably than Wink. I’d say pull the trigger, it’s a no brainier.

Side note: I’m unsure about the dlink IP cam, but i’m pretty sure it would work. I heard there was foscam integration; however, I haven’t messed with mine since getting the Dropcam.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I have a lot to think about.

Edit: I just pulled the trigger and ordered from Amazon. I should have my hub on Tuesday.

Awesome, I hope you enjoy it!

Any tips on the first steps to take tomorrow when my hub gets here?

@Heather_A I made the same switch (though admittedly not as far into the process as you - I only had a few dimmers) after realizing that the Wink was terrible at polling for the status of devices that had been turned on/off manually.

The transfer process was pretty painless. In the Wink app, under the hub, there is an option to reset and remove all devices. For the most part this seemed to work.

After shutting down the Wink completely, I ran through the ST install process and added back the switches (make sure the first device is pretty close to the ST Hub). All of them were pretty quick to add. The last one I had to manually exclude from ST ( and then add it after that.

From there it’s just a matter of setting up your actions and Hello, Home.

Welcome to the ST world. You’ll be happy you switched!

(A quick note… Nest/Nest Protect integration is a little bit of a task at the moment… my suggestion is to just keep using the Nest app for now and wait to see if there is official support for it in the future.)

(A quick second note… I don’t have a zwave deadbolt, but came across this article where, toward the bottom, the user talks about the procedure for disconnecting the Schlage from the Wink. Not sure if you need it, but here it is, just in case:

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Welcome to SmartThings

Thank you Evan! That was all very helpful :slight_smile:

I’ve been home all afternoon just waiting for the mail man to deliver my Smartthings hub… hours wasted when I could be playing… he’s LATE! :frowning:

Finally here and got my GE bulbs attached… Wink Hub is completely not communicating so I can not figure out how to disconnect my Schlage lock from it to connect to ST. I’m really starting to hate that Wink hub.

You need to issue the Exclusion command to the lock to get it reset. You can do that from the SmartThings Hub:

Thanks. I finally got the Wink hub working last night and was able to follow the instructions to delete it. I got it hooked up to my ST hub this morning and it’s working albeit with quite a delay. I think that’s because it’s the only Z-Wave in that part of the house. I need to get more outlets to extend the mesh for it… at least I’m assuming that will help the situation. I have NO lag with anything else… which is amazing because I had lag with everything with the Wink and didn’t realize it didn’t have to be that way. :wink:

Will you be holing onto the Wink Hub? mine is still within the 15 day period (or 90 i guess is what home depot offers, either way) and since i pulled the plug on the ST $299 home kit with 2-pack smart plugs i’m thinking of just returning the Spotters and hub as well. I sill have some GE Link Bulbs and power pivot genius so i’m wondering if the ST hub can do everything i might need it to, or will have to hold on to the Wink hub?

i.e. Can i connect the Pivot genius and GE Link’s directly to the ST hub and just get rid of the wink all together. i just delete the bulbs from the wink hub right?

The GE Links will work, but I am not certain about the Genius. What is it?

You need to join this club to find out! Wink :wink:

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The genius is the wink power strip. It’s officially called the “Pivot Power Genius”.

Yep, I kept the hub. It’s put away for now. I only paid .99 for it so not worth returning even if I could.

I went down the same path starting with Wink then quickly hitting its limitations. I moved over to ST a week ago and moving the devices was a very smooth process for the GE bulbs and a couple of other bits and pieces.

To your question about the Pivots - I had little trouble integrating them with ST but I found their status reporting to be unreliable - they would report off when really on. This was doubly annoying because ST won’t turn something off when it thinks it is already off, at least not with the default apps and Hello Home (individual community apps may behave differently). So I could turn them on but ST refused to turn them off again unless I manually toggled the device on then off again - In the end I ditched them.