How Should I Tackle This?

So, I am working on a renovation of my condo and working on making it smart in the process. I want to have a number of places have indirect, LED strip lighting. I plan to control these from a Fibaro RGBW Controller (unless someone else has an easier/better idea?).

My issue is, I also want the ability to manually turn on/off and dim these lights (if I could color change from a switch, that would be an added benefit, but not needed). So basically, what is the best way to hook these lights up to a light switch and get this whole thing working as intended?

Then you definitely need the Fibaro RGBW controller as it has inputs that I believe allow you to turn on/off and dim.

Yea, I know about those. My only concern is, how do I convert a light switch’s sensors to a low voltage sensor that the Fibaro can understand even if I were to go down that route?

My only other thought, would be to not have them connected at all? This would be a bit weird, but would it make sense to have the strips just get power from an outlet (instead of a light switch) and than the light switch controls nothing - but is smart. So when that start to do stuff, to call commands to the led strip to do it’s thing?

Going over my head now with regards to electrics I’m afraid! Sorry! Good luck!