BIG Appliance Smartthings

Have a situation where I want to be able to power down a stove if it has been left on and there is no motion in the kitchen. Given the power level of a stove, I have yet to see a plug that can handle it.

Anyone seen anything like that?

This is to assist a Vet with TBI.

There are some smart stoves which might work for this, but they tend to be very expensive.

If you just are asking about automating a 220 V electrical connection, there are some options, but they are all relays that you wire into the circuit. They aren’t simple plug-in pocketsockets, so they would require wiring.

The following is probably the most popular and works well with smartthings.


I don’t think you’d run into safety issues if smartthings glitches and turns it on or off when it shouldn’t because most stoves have built-in safety features for power outages, so when the power is cut and restored, which is what the smart switch will do, the clock and indicator light may come back on but the heating element should not. But you probably should check your stove just to be sure that’s that’s what it does if you unplug it and plug it back in.

Also, if it’s not a smart stove and you are relying on cutting the power altogether, that will mean the clock is never right. :thinking:

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