Control ST device via Android Wear complication

I’d like to control a Z-Wave switch via Android Wear, ideally by adding a complication to my watch face for fast access. I’ve tried this with IFTTT but whenever I attempt to build the applet, I get “Please select a valid option” after selecting an ST switch. I’ve disconnected and reconnected a few times, tried a variety of ST switches, no luck. This error seems to have a few threads dedicated to it here, with no resolution that I can find.

I also have Alexa, and was thinking that I could do AW->Alexa->ST->Switch, but I can’t get that going either. The lag would likely kill it for me anyway.

I’m now looking into doing it via Google Home, or SharpTools, or Tasker, or the Autowear Tasker plugin. The latter looks like it will work but will require going deep on configuration. I could possibly use Home Control and Google Assistant (“ok google, turn on X device”), but I’d rather have a button on the watch face.

Any other ideas?


I use Watchmaker with buttons in there calling Tasker Tasks that directly call a SmartThings REST endpoint for controlling a device. You need to have a SmartThings App with REST Endpoint set up for that (not too hard if you look around th forums).
AutoWear + Tasker + Complications is another approach. I have not done this myself but can’t be that hard. If you run into issues figuring this out I can try to help.

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Thanks! I’m giving Watchmaker a shot. I like the idea of pointing complications toward widgets on my phone (including ST switches), as it would allow for more flexibility for non-ST actions.

Happen to know if it’s possible to download a stock watch face from the watch to modify?

If you have problems creating a watchface let me know, I’ll pull one of mine off my phone and send it to you.

I’ve been playing around with Watchmaker, but I can’t figure out how to modify an existing watch face. No need for another watch face, especially since most of them blinged out and busy. Any way to download/modify a face that’s already on the watch?

I’m afraid if you want to start with a publicly available watch they don’t let you modify it. There may be some samples outh there that allow you to edit and make changes but that does not appear to be the general case.

Got it - good to know. It’s a simple enough design that I may just try to build it from scratch. Thanks again!

If you are triggering Tasks in Tasker, SharpTools for Android would be a good fit as it has native Tasker integration for SmartThings. Easier than having to setup REST endpoints and don’t have to deal with the headaches if your tokens or endpoints change.

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