CleverObjects: Control SmartThings using Android Wear

Hi everyone,

I made an Android Wear app named CleverObjects which lets you control SmartThings switches using buttons and voice commands on your watch.

Download CleverObjects

You don’t need to root your phone or any fancy nonsense, just download the app and it works.

It supports more nuanced voice commands like:

“turn off television and toggle bedroom light”

“turn off everything”


wow looks great! good job…

i wish you didnt have to launch the cleverobjects apps first for it to accept the command though…but i suppose there is no way around that right?

if possible can you post more pictures of the app…the two in the play store don’t really show much…

Thank you :slight_smile:

I had wanted to let the voice control be direct (no need to open up the app first), but Android Wear currently doesn’t allow that. Only “google approved” voice commands can be launched directly using “Ok google”, so unless you root your watch or google changes their mind, no can do.

I agree that my screenshots are a little limiting, I’m going to make a video to explain the application and how to use it.


I get as far as logging in to my account but the Authorize button doesn’t do anything.

Hi Christopher,

This bug has been fixed in the latest version of the app (it was due to an authorization change by ST which I didn’t patch for yet).


Also, my (super high quality phone-shot) promo video for the app is up on the play store page for it now.

Is it possible to use hello home actions with your app?

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Not yet, but I’m planning to add that to the app soon.

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I’m brand new to SmartThings (just set it up 15 minutes ago) and am still working my way through things. One note that would make the Wear App infinitely more useful is some designation visually if the switch is on or off. In a perfect world it would look like the SmartThings app being illuminated when on and dim when dark. Thanks and great work!!



Did you update CleverObjects recently? I am about to buy an moto 360 watch and i’m looking into apps like you made. Hello home actions would be very very usefull :smile:

Hi Dennis, the recent updates to the app have been bug fixes.The app does work with round watches like the moto360.

Hello home and a visual indication as to the state of the buttons/switches is plausible, but I haven’t gotten around to implementing that…yet :slight_smile: The more popular the apps becomes (its rather niche, as you would imagine), the more it motivates me to add features.


Great app! Thanks for putting this together. I second the request to add the visual indication as to the state of the buttons/switches! I’d also like to ask for assistance regarding the ability to control door locks. After downloading the app and configuring it on my smartphone, I didn’t see my connected door locks in the list of devices I want to control, only lights and switches. Thoughts?

I’m a homebuilder and we started including SmartThings with every home we sell (about 100 per year). I’d love to promote the ability to control our homes with an Android Wear smartwatch. It would get some great media attention around here for sure. I think your app makes it really easy and I’d like to show it off if the media picked up a story, but the feature requested above would really make it that much better, and I need to figure out the door lock issue too.

Also, we offer Honeywell alarm systems with our homes which use the Total Connect smartphone app. Seeing as you have some experience with Android Wear, do you think you could put a Total Connect app together so one could arm/disarm their system from their watch? And if not, would you by chance know of anyone that could? I might even be willing to pay for it :wink:

Thanks in advance for the great work so far!

Hi Brandon,

Locks are temporarily removed from the app because of smartthings API complications, but they will be back in the same patch which will add visual state indication. I might get around to it next week actually, I have a chunk of freetime then.

I’m happy to hear that you are so enthused with the app, i’d definitely be interested in promoting it more. I’ll also be able to make a smart watch app which works with Honeywell’s system if they have an API which I can use. Email me directly at so we can talk about please.

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Just lookng into this. Is there a list of watches verified to work?

For example…I know the Samsung galaxy gear 2 runs a proprietary operating system which I assume would not work for this application.

Am I correct to assume any Android watch will be compatible?

Hi Andrew.

Excellent question. The app should work on any smart watch running on android wear, thus Samsung OS watches are not eligible. I’ve personally tested it on the LGG and moto 360 and I haven’t had any reports of specific watches models not working yet.

Thank you @Jordan_Rejaud

Unrelated to the previous question or your app, but I was looking for a rough estimate of range?

I’m having trouble seeing the benefit of a watch if I still have to keep my phone close to me. I do see benefit at home possibly.

What is your (or anyone readibg) experiences?

As long as your watch is paired to the phone and you have internet access, it will work. Range on smart watches/phone pairing is pretty far but I haven’t measured it.

The advantage is the speed. Smartwatches allow for much faster interactions than smart phones. Just press a few buttons on your watch and change something, don’t need to take your phone out of your pocket, open the app, ect.

With the latest update to Android Wear, some watches will be able to connect/sync to the phone via WiFi, which if you have the local star bucks wifi info saved in your phone, those settings will be transferred to the watch, allowing (presumably, i havent tested it yet) you to leave your phone at home, and your watch working as normal. I do know certain watches dont have the WiFi antenna so this feature will not work, but the Moto360 is confirmed to work with this feature.

I’m a bit confused about why connecting via WiFi is helpful. Who’s going to leave their phone at home when you can’t make/receive calls via your Moto360? Doesn’t seem practical…

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The apple watch and iPhone connect via WiFi or Bluetooth. The main advantage to including WiFi is range at home. If the phone is on the desk charging, the watch still works anywhere in the house or yard.

I would assume it was similar for android wear.