Samsung Gear S

I have the SmartThings Tizen app but all it seems to do is set a location – can it do more? Setting location is pretty useless but that’s a separate topic. Also the login should not be case sensitive - it’s hard enough to type on that tiny keyboard.

I certainly hope it does more than that! I have one in the mail right now. ST app was the sole factor in picking the S.

Brief overview for anyone considering the Samsung Galaxy Gear S. I’ve only had this watch for 2 days, but the more I wear it, the more I like it. It really is, IMO, the only real “smart” watch on the market. The ST app is nice, although it lacks functionality. The only feature it has to change modes (Hello, Home). I really hope they continue to expand on this app, it could be really great.

The Tizen ecosystem doesn’t have a ton of apps, but hopefully it will in time. If you want a watch that you can actually use two ways (not only notifications, but creating messages too), this watch will suit you well.

At the moment Opera-mini is approach to Apps. I did a simple to my ST shim app via my desktop

Could you elaborate on this?

I have a web server running on my desktop at home and have a simple app that sends restful commands to my app which then sends commands to the ST server. I could have implemented an app that sends messages directly to the restful server I have running on ST but I also have devices not associated with ST so, for now, it’s easier for me to normalize to my own server.

Having my own server allows me to coordinate notifications though for the mini app I haven’t implemented that because mini has a limited HTML5 engine.

Isnt this Gear S open to native development ? tell us about your latest fw version

I’m just using Opera mini and going to my own restful server.