Control Leviton In Wall Digital Timer

I have 4 of these switches in my house:

Mostly, they are being used as fan timers.

I’d like to also have smarthings be able to control the same devices that these are hooked up to, but have been having trouble. I’ve been trying to connect them with Aeon Microcontrollers, but I haven’t been able to get them to work. The microcontrollers themselves are challenging to install, so I hooked one up and connect a regular toggle switch to it to make sure I was making the right connections. However, my timers don’t seem capable of working with this setup.


If those timers are turning things off downstream, like your Aeon Microcontrollers, then it can’t work. The Aeon micro controllers need to have continuous power (hot and neutral) to stay on the z-wave network. Basically, you would need to replace these timers.

The Micro Smart Switch Diagram shows the device getting Line and N, then outputting to Load and a Neutral for the Load. Then, it has a separate set of inputs labeled “wall switch” which is where i wired the timer in. I thought that that the micro smart switch was supposed to enable Z wave commands for existing switches. I attached the diagram here