Wiring Question - Double Rocker Switch Replacement with Aeon micro


I recently started on a home automation project with z-wave and things have been going great so far. But I’ve run into a bit of a question with an existing double rocker switch where I only want to connect one of the switches.

Instead of swapping the entire switch out for something like the Leviton VRCS2-MRZ, I ordered an Aeon Labs Micro Controller. Admittedly, I probably should have looked at how the switch is wired beforehand.

I’ve attached a photo to this post. The two neutral wires for two different ceiling fixtures are connected to one another, with a black lead for one and a red one for the other. Ideally, I’d like to wire in the micro controller but the neutral bypassing the current switch has me uncertain. Barring that, I’d need to look for a z-wave double rocker but there aren’t many options that I’ve come across. Any suggestions for how I should wire the controller, or an alternative?


There aren’t any single gang double rocker Z wave switches that I know of. Just the two button Leviton that you mentioned.

There are several dual relays that go in the wall like the Aeon micro and are intended for this purpose. But I’ll leave the specific wiring discussion to others.

Here’s the Aeon model intended to control two switches

What one device are you trying to control? If it’s a light, it would be much easier to use a connected bulb than to with with the switch wiring.

It’s actually six recessed LED can lights that are wired together, so connected bulbs aren’t an option.

Ah, missed that option when I was going searching on Amazon. At least I can use the one I already purchased elsewhere. Thanks for the link.

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